Bone Walker

And now: a blurb for Bone Walker!

Tonight is the first night I’ve worked on Bone Walker in ages, and one of the things I wanted to accomplish tonight was to write a proper blurb for the book. This’ll be cover copy for the back cover, as well as for the forthcoming official page on this site for the book.

Here’s my first take at the blurb!

Two months should be long enough for a girl to learn to cope when she finds out she’s half-Sidhe, or so Kendis Thompson has convinced herself. She wants nothing more than as normal a life as possible, playing her violin and pursuing her growing relationship with Christopher, Warder Second of Seattle. But when the Unseelie bard Elessir falls through a portal out of Faerie, bringing with him a ghostly peril that puts her best friend Jude’s life and sanity in danger, Kendis must test the strength of her new magic. And when the bone walker Melorite threatens all of the Emerald City, Kendis must choose between saving everyone she loves—and succumbing to the dominion of the Unseelie Court.

Pretty happy with this wording, and this’ll be a decent working draft, though the final word choices may change between now and when the book is ready to deploy. Need to think of a proper way to condense this down to a sentence, too.

What do you think, sirs? Anybody got any wording recommendations?

And oh, this is going to be fun. 😀 Let’s see if I can get this puppy edited before New Years, shall I?

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