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I'm getting an iPhone! And celebrating with a contest!

So has himself a shiny new iPhone 3GS, and has gone and given his old first-gen iPhone to . Dara futzed around with the device some last night to get it all set up and activated and stuff, and then let me play with it some to get the final bit of critical information I needed: i.e., could I use the virtual keyboard on the thing well enough to write on?

Survey says, YES. I quite liked the virtual keyboard that came in with the 3.0 version of the iPhone software, especially in landscape mode. This doesn’t leave much screen room, but that’s okay; for my purposes, all I really need is to be able to whip out a few paragraphs here and there (such as when I’m at a con or something), which I can then sync up onto my laptop later.

Knowing this, I stopped in the AT&T store this morning and ordered me a shiny new iPhone of my own. I asked for one of the 32G white ones, and the girl who rang me up said those are coming in pretty fast. So I should get the device sometime in the next few days–it may even come in before I get back from Disneyland!

And, folks, this is where you come in, because I also need to settle the vital question of what to name this incoming iPhone. Drop your suggestions in the comments! The strongest contenders will then go head to head in a poll.

To sweeten the deal, I will heretofore announce my very first author contest. The winner of the poll will get one free e-copy of Faerie Blood in the format of their choice (options: PDF, Mobi, or Microsoft Reader). Or, if you already own a copy of Faerie Blood, I’ll give you a copy of any Drollerie Press book of your choice from the Drollerie bookstore!

So spread the word far and wide, people, and start winging those suggestions at me! You have until Monday, when I get back from Disneyland, to submit your nominations for the poll!

ETA 4:47pm: A couple of quick addenda to stick in a couple of rules!

1. Multiple nominations will be allowed but I reserve the authorial right to allow only one nomination per person to get into the final actual poll.

2. If you’d like to endorse someone’s nomination, you may do so by dropping a comment in support of it wherever the nomination originally showed up (which is to say, angelakorrati.com, LJ, Dreamwidth, Facebook, or Twitter, since I doubt anybody’s actually reading this post from InsaneJournal or JournalFen). If a nomination receives at least two comments in support, it’ll go into the poll!

And again–y’all have until Monday the 13th to either get in your nominations or support somebody else’s! So let me hear from you, folks!

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