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Day 2 of sales: proceeding nicely!

Well, yesterday’s numbers weren’t as awesome as Monday’s–but that said, yesterday was still my third best sale day ever for Faerie Blood, so I’d say that was still a triumph!

Many, many thanks to those of you who’ve bought either Faerie Blood OR Valor of the Healer thus far, or signalboosted. Please, please do keep signalboosting, it helps immensely!

(Note in particular as well that on the Valor of the Healer post, I’ve updated that to include links off to the official pages for the other Carina titles participating in the promotion. I encourage anyone who’s interested in seeing Carina’s other SF/F offerings to check those out!)

If you’re on Twitter, here are a couple of shortened URLs you can use to plug into tweets, which go to the two posts I made with full info on the sales (and of course you can use these URLs on Facebook or Google+ or wherever, but the shortened URLs are ideal for Twitter):

Valor of the Healer link:

Faerie Blood link:

If you’re on Tumblr, I have two posts up there that you can reblog if you’re so inclined. Those posts are:

For Faerie Blood:

For Valor of the Healer:

Looking forward to seeing what my numbers do today! 😀

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