Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

Valor and Faerie Blood sales off with a BANG

It’s the morning of July 1st, and I’m delighted to report that I’m now sitting at 97 total sales of Faerie Blood for the month of June 2014. iBooks and Google Play were both lagging behind on updating their numbers, and some of the transactions at Amazon and Kobo didn’t finish processing until this morning–so they’re going to count as July numbers. This is my current final tally for June, though:

  • Amazon: 74 (US, UK, DE, and CA, mostly US sales)
  • Barnes and Noble: 11 (all US)
  • Kobo: 2
  • iBooks: 1
  • Google Play: 8 (one pre-sale, the rest after the sale started; mix of US and CA)
  • Smashwords: 1 (pre-sale)

And before the sale actually started, these were the numbers I had for June beforehand:

  • Smashwords: 1
  • Google Play: 1

And as of this writing, I’ve already got 11 sales for July transactions–most of which were rolled over from yesterday as they hadn’t been fully processed yet. But so far this morning’s starting off well!

And as you can see, the sale is so far making a world of difference. Faerie Blood is blazing up the Amazon rankings, climbing out of the six-digit pit it’d been languishing in, and currently (as of this writing) parked at… well. Let’s let a screencap do the talking, shall we? This was taken as of last night around midnight:

This Fails to Suck

This Fails to Suck

It’s already been proposed to me that I might want to keep the 99 cent price point. It’s way too early for me to make that call–but it’s going to be real interesting to see how the numbers behave as we head into July. I’ve now, in the last 24 hours, completely blown away my previous monthly and one-day sales counts for this book. If this trend continues, July’s numbers might get truly crazytalk.

MEANWHILE! I do not unfortunately have access to direct sales numbers for Valor of the Healer, so I can’t track that book nearly as well as I can Faerie Blood. I do, however, use NovelRank.com to get an approximation of how my books are behaving on Amazon, and as of last night around midnight, this is what NovelRank showed me about Valor.

This Likewise Also Fails to Suck

This Likewise Also Fails to Suck

I’ve been seeing the book’s ranking over on B&N go up, too. No budging yet on Kobo, as near as I can tell. And I won’t see any real numbers until later this week, when the portal Harlequin provides its authors gets updated with the weekly numbers. More bulletins on this as events warrant.

ALSO: I’ve been seeing quite a few folks tweet for me, or signal-boost on Facebook or Google+. Many, MANY thanks to you all. And if you’re a new person coming in to check me out because of seeing either of my books on sale, greetings to you! Grab a chair and raise a jar, and I hope you enjoy my work!

One new reader who found me on Twitter certainly did, anyway. Speaking of things that don’t suck, I know I’ve managed to please a reader when she forgets to feed her dog!

Hang on, you guys. July promises to be a bumpy ride!

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