And now, the news!

First off, I have STUFF ON SALE! I’ve been yapping about this all weekend, and if you’re seeing this post on my site, you can probably see the text announcement I’ve got right under the top menu.

For those of you who AREN’T reading this post on my site, and who missed me yapping about it all weekend, hey, Faerie Blood is now ON SALE! 99 cents for the book, and I’m waiving shipping charges for anyone who wants to buy a print copy from me!

ALSO! Carina is putting Valor of the Healer on sale for 99 cents as well! This sale will be running through 7/19! Now would be a real good time to grab this ebook if you haven’t already–and if you’re so inclined and you want to scamper on around to read Vengeance of the Hunter, that wouldn’t suck either! Full details on that are on this post!


Speaking of Carina, they’ve put up a genre spotlight post to emphasize that why yes, Carina does sell fantasy novels! C’mon over and check out what other new releases besides mine Carina’s got in the genre, won’t you?

AND, my Here Be Magic peeps have a post up highlighting Sonya Clark’s new release, the various titles of ours Carina’s put on sale, and a few extra goodies available as well! Check it out!


They handed out the Locus awards for 2014 last night, right here in Seattle! Congratulations to all of the winners, and y’all should go clickie for a roundup of Things You Might Want to Add to Your Reading Lists.


That’s the news for this Monday!

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