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Call for topics for visiting Carina author!

Hey all!

As part of increasing my general visibility as a Carina Press author, I’m going to occasionally have some of my fellow Carina people do some guest posts here on my site. You may expect that these will be people who are part of the Here Be Magic group that I’ve joined–the Carina authors who write fantasy, urban fantasy, or paranormal romance.

On Monday the 11th, Tia Nevitt will be doing a post here for you all to introduce herself and talk a bit about her two Carina novellas. But! We’d like to liven it up a bit, and so my question for you all is this:

What would you like to see Tia post about? Any questions you’d like to ask her? Talk to us, folks!

If you’d like to check out Tia’s work for an idea of topics, I highly encourage you to go visit Carina’s site and look at her titles on sale right over here!

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