Vengeance of the Hunter

Vengeance of the Hunter is now available!

Y’all will have seen me enthusing about this on the social networks, but for the record, here’s the announcement post here too. Vengeance of the Hunter has SHIPPED! And here’s a roundup of related promo for your entertainment!


First up, my peeps at Here Be Magic are doing a Healer-themed week, and my post is today, all about the influences that led into Faanshi being a healer. Namely, Elfquest, Star Trek, and the novels of Gael Baudino. C’mon over to check out my post, and stick around for the other healer-themed posts this week! The starting post for the week was here.


Secondly, I’m hosted by the extremely awesome Mary Robinette Kowal, yes, THAT Mary Robinette Kowal, in her My Favorite Bit feature today! The post is here, in which I talk about one of my favorite parts of Vengeance. If you haven’t read Valor of the Healer yet, fear not, the bit I chose is reasonably spoiler-free.

Go check the post out, and while you’re there, check out Kowal’s own release this week–Valour and Vanity, book 4 of her Glamourist series! Which, I am pleased to say, showed up in my Kobo account today. Since I pre-ordered it and all. 😀


Last but not least, and this is exciting: I have been reviewed on the RT Book Reviews site! The post is here, and right now the full review is only available to subscribers to the magazine. However, I have been forwarded the full review. They gave me three stars and a perfectly lovely review, including this money quote:

Highland has crafted characters who are fully developed and three-dimensional, and her worldbuilding is thoughtfully complex.

Yeah, I’ll TOTALLY take that. And I think I may need to make a point of buying that issue of the zine. 😉


I have gone around the site and updated all the bits that talked about Vengeance, to make sure that everything’s labelled now to show that the book is indeed available. All the places I know about where you can buy it are now on its official page!

I haven’t heard yet if there will be an audio version of this book like there was with Valor, but rest assured, if I hear that’s happening, you’ll hear too. For now, many thanks to all who have pre-ordered the ebook, or who are buying it now that it’s available!

Stand by, too, because I’ll be having a post go up on Carina Press’ own site tomorrow!

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