Vengeance of the Hunter

Just for the record, Vengeance of the Hunter is not a romance novel

This is kind of exciting–I’m actually seeing Vengeance of the Hunter showing up in fiction roundups on a couple of fairly high-profile sites. Namely, and Heroes and Heartbreakers! Wow. 🙂

However, both of these roundup posts are mistaking me for writing romance. I’m not, despite the fact that I’ve got me a shirtless Julian on my cover for Vengeance of the Hunter. I do have a love story building in this trilogy, but it’s not actually the A plot. I’m better quantified as “fantasy with romantic elements” than outright romance or even romantic fantasy. Think Doranna Durgin before she started writing paranormal romance, or Tanya Huff’s fantasy novels, or early Esther Friesner. That’s the kind of flavor I aim for in my writing.

This, folks, is a side effect of my publisher for this trilogy targeting a lot of its marketing towards a romance-heavy audience. And I’m okay with that–the covers Carina has given me so far are a good compromise between their aiming towards the majority of Carina readers, and what I’m actually writing.

I just want to make sure that if you want to check out my stuff, you’re not confused by what’s on the cover!

Last but most assuredly not least, SF Signal has me in an April roundup post right over here. Scroll down to the V’s and you’ll see THIS.

REALLY Good Company

REALLY Good Company

I… WOW. I’m next to Tanya Huff and Mary Robinette Kowal. *^_^*;; Gosh. Makes me feel like a Real Writer!

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