Vengeance of the Hunter

Vengeance of the Hunter Release Day events!

Hey Internet! If you’re on some of the various social networks I am, you may be interested in knowing that I’ve set up a few release day events for the coming of Vengeance of the Hunter! Please feel free to mark any of these on your calendars, and share ’em with anybody who you feel might enjoy my books.

Facebook event

Google+ event

Goodreads event

The Facebook and Google+ events also include direct links as to where to pre-order the book. But I also have those right on the official page for the book! Vengeance IS available for pre-order as we speak, so if you’re so inclined, go and buy! It’s like Present You giving a gift to Future You!

Also, just in case Present You hasn’t read Valor of the Healer yet, I strongly and I mean STRONGLY encourage you to read that one first. All pertinent links to where to buy it are on its official page, including the audio edition!

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