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Faerie Blood

A rare Faerie Blood sighting

Dara and I went to Norwescon a few weeks ago, of course, and I didn’t get to post much about what happened there since the con fell in the middle of my being ill. I didn’t do much at the con except rest and periodically do stints at the NIWA table in the dealers’ room.

But since I was in fact at the NIWA table, and paid my share of the table fee, that meant I was able to actually have copies of Faerie Blood on sale! I didn’t sell many, just one each of my paperbacks and ebook CDs. Still, this was a moment I had to capture in a picture. Those of you who follow me on the social networks may have seen this pic already, but I wanted to post about it here too!

Faerie Blood on Sale at Norwescon

Faerie Blood on Sale at Norwescon

Some of y’all may see Faerie Blood in dealers’ rooms at future PNW cons, since I gave the NIWA treasurer, Brad Wheeler, custody of three of my paperbacks and three of my CDs so that he could take them to other events and sell them on my behalf. So if you happen to go to a con in Washington or Oregon that I can’t get to, tell me if you see the book!

Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

And now, a Faerie Blood sales report

I note with some amazement that yesterday I apparently made a sale of Faerie Blood on the UK iTunes store–that’s the first time this has ever happened. 🙂 Thank you, unknown UK reader! I hope you enjoy the book!

This means, O Internets, that I am now a single sale away from the 300 mark, and the promised Dyeing of My Hair. Which means in turn that probably some time in the next couple of weeks, I will be scheduling myself a trip to Dara’s salon, and hopefully booking the same girl that does her hair! There will, of course, be pictures. And the side benefit of having cut my hair prior to my recent surgery is that now I have quite a bit less hair, so dyeing it will be cheaper!

As a general reminder, since I have been asked on this on the social Intarwebz, Faerie Blood is available on several major ebook vending sites–Amazon, B&N, iTunes (in LOTS of countries), Kobo, Smashwords, Google Play, and Sony. You can also buy it directly from me if you’re PDF-inclined and you’d like the lovely high-res-cover PDF version that Dara made.

AND! As a second general reminder, I do have a piping hot fresh print run in so I have a bunch of print copies available. So if you’d like a print copy, either for yourself or for a gift for someone for the upcoming holidays, you can get one directly from me.

See the official Faerie Blood page for all the deets on where to buy it! And as always, thank you for your support, everyone!

P.S. And don’t forget–Valor of the Healer remains NICELY cheaply priced as well, at the apparently now-permanent $2.99 price point! Since Vengeance of the Hunter will be coming out in April, you might want to read up on Valor before Vengeance drops!

Faerie Blood

Because it’s CANADA DAY, a Faerie Blood coupon!

Because it’s Canada Day, and I have a well-documented love of things Canadian (namely, trad music, bouzouki players, Montreal-style bagels, and maple whiskey), and because I do have a Canadian as the male lead character in Faerie Blood

Here, have a Smashwords exclusive coupon to celebrate Canada! Coupon code HE37T will get you 20 percent off of Faerie Blood‘s current price if you buy the book from Smashwords right over here!

I don’t have an easy way of generating coupons on the other channels I sell the book through–so I will also honor the 20 percent reduction for anyone who wants to buy the book directly from me in the format of their choice. (And yes, this includes the print editions. Of which I have only SEVEN left in the current print run, so if you want one, now would be a REALLY good time to jump on it!)

This price will be in effect until EOD Friday, July 5th! (I.e., pretty much up until Dara and I go to Canada this coming weekend!)

Please feel free to spread the word, and enjoy, all! Particularly if you’re Canadian.

Faerie Blood

A quick self-pub status check

By very rough estimations, I sold somewhere between 330 and 364 copies of Faerie Blood‘s Drollerie edition. I have to estimate this because in my first royalty report from Drollerie, I didn’t get individual sales numbers, and some of that report was covered by the Defiance anthology. So based on how my numbers for both titles were broken out later (i.e., it didn’t sell nearly as well as Faerie Blood did), I’m ballparking somewhere between 330 and 364 for Faerie Blood, with the remainder of that 364 going to Defiance. These numbers span a period running from the book’s original release in May of 2009 up through my last Drollerie statement, which covered up through June of 2011.

As of this writing I have sold a total of 211 copies of Faerie Blood‘s Kickstarter edition in just under a year. So while I haven’t actually surpassed the previous number, this 211 has happened in a shorter time frame.

Assuming that some who bought the Drollerie edition grabbed the Kickstarter version as well, I think it’s safe to say at this point that all told I’ve probably sold around 500 copies of the book. BUT! If you actually count my Kickstarter backers as sales, that runs the number up to more squarely compete with the Drollerie number, I think.

It’ll be amusing to see how this trend continues once Valor of the Healer drops!

About Me, Carina Press, Valor of the Healer

Blogging at Here Be Magic today!

Hey folks! Surfacing from Norwescon long enough to report that my very first contribution to the Here Be Magic blog has gone up today! I’m being relaxed and groovy, and talking a bit about Valor of the Healer as well as Faerie Blood, and mentioning a few of the ways I’m shooting for equality and balance in my work. It’s no accident that both of my heroines of record, to date, are elves who are not white.

And being, well, ME, I also mention a few of the ways I love to geek out!

Come on over and say hi! I AM at Norwescon so I’m only able to pay erratic attention to the comments right now, but I’ll be trying to answer any comments as the weekend progresses and I have time in between convention programming. 🙂

Many thanks to my fellow Here Be Magic authors for spreading the word!

Faerie Blood


So! Here I am on my first night of Norwescon, and all, repeat, all of my remaining postcards and posters for Kiri Moth’s awesome Faerie Blood cover art have vanished off the freebie tables where I left ’em. And at least one person appears to have bought Faerie Blood on Amazon today, and I have picked up a couple new followers on Twitter as well.

If you’re coming by because you found those posters and postcards, and you see this before the end of the convention: special offer! Come find me and I’ll sign that postcard or poster for you, and also give you $1 off either the print edition of Faerie Blood OR the CDs of the ebook that I have with me! Blonde chick. Brown hat. Great Big Sea hoodie. Can’t miss me!

Asking $15 for the print editions, and $5 for the ebook CDs–which contain not only the EPUB, PDF, and MOBI formats of the current edition of the book, but ALSO the EPUB and PDF of the original Drollerie Press edition. And I’ve thrown in the EPUB, PDF, and MOBI editions of the Warder universe short story “The Blood of the Land” as well. I have 17 copies of these discs, and they’re a Norwescon exclusive. Get ’em from me while supplies last!

ALSO: I have arranged with the nice lady who runs the Book Universe table to have four copies of the print edition on consignment for the con! If you can’t find me and you want a copy of the book, look in the dealers’ room for the Book Universe table! I buy books from them every year just because they’re awesome.

ALSO #2: Special shoutout to Tiger Gray and Vivien Weaver at the Hard Limits Press table in the dealers’ room, who turn out to know my most EXCELLENT editor at Carina, Deb Nemeth! I bought the two books they were selling on the grounds of that, and we had an awesome conversation about each other’s book covers, and publishing under pen names. Note also: Hard Limits Press is taking submissions. Fellow writers, go look ’em up.