Faerie Blood

Because it’s CANADA DAY, a Faerie Blood coupon!

Because it’s Canada Day, and I have a well-documented love of things Canadian (namely, trad music, bouzouki players, Montreal-style bagels, and maple whiskey), and because I do have a Canadian as the male lead character in Faerie Blood

Here, have a Smashwords exclusive coupon to celebrate Canada! Coupon code HE37T will get you 20 percent off of Faerie Blood‘s current price if you buy the book from Smashwords right over here!

I don’t have an easy way of generating coupons on the other channels I sell the book through–so I will also honor the 20 percent reduction for anyone who wants to buy the book directly from me in the format of their choice. (And yes, this includes the print editions. Of which I have only SEVEN left in the current print run, so if you want one, now would be a REALLY good time to jump on it!)

This price will be in effect until EOD Friday, July 5th! (I.e., pretty much up until Dara and I go to Canada this coming weekend!)

Please feel free to spread the word, and enjoy, all! Particularly if you’re Canadian.

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