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Bone Walker


As of this morning Bone Walker has gone live on all the places where I’m selling it for digital readers–so now you can officially buy it on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, and Google Play! And there are more links to buy, especially for international readers, on the book’s official page!

Most of my preorders were on the Kindle, and Amazon chugged through processing those last night, which did amusing things to my February numbers. Google Play’s preorder apparently still counts as a January sale. And I also had a preorder show up for iBooks that I hadn’t seen before, so yay! Many thanks to all who preordered!

If you feel inclined and want to help me out, please, please, please spread the word about the book being out now. Also consider leaving a rating or review–on the book’s Amazon page will have the most heft, but its Goodreads page is also now live, and reviews there will have some weight too.

And in honor of the release, I feel some character interviews coming on. Anybody want to wing a question at any member of the cast of the Free Court of Seattle? Leave your question and to whom you’d like it directed in the comments! There will be in-character answers!

ETA: If you’re on Twitter and are thusly inclined, here’s a tweet you can steal to use:

Bone Walker by @annathepiper now available! Come fling questions at any character in the Free Court of Seattle!

ALSO: Don’t forget, I’m running a giveaway over on Here Be Magic for a print edition of the book! The post is right over here!

Bone Walker

Bone Walker is ALMOST HERE

Conflikt proved to be quite delightful in general, but also in particular for selling copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker! I sold six of the one and three of the other, and the release concert went quite swimmingly as well. I made piccolo noises on a stage that contained ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF TRICKY PIXIE.

And I played all the notes I needed to play, in the correct order, and at the right times. WIN! I’m here to tell you, too: I am NOT used to performance adrenalin, and for a short while after that show was over, I was shaky!

Also WIN: two people I didn’t know coming up to me to ask me to sign books for them, which was pretty awesome. And mind-blowing, because at least one of those two people was (or so I was informed by well-meaning friends of said person) very shy about approaching me. I am not used to THAT, either!

But now that I’m home, I can return to the business of getting Bone Walker out to you all. Particularly my long-waiting Kickstarter backers, to whom I shall start mailing copies of the print edition this week.

Meanwhile, the ebook goes on official sale TOMORROW. I’m now up into two digits of preorders, so YAY and thanks to all who have preordered so far. I am also moving forward with deploying the book for sale up on, since they don’t do preorders. And since it’ll take a bit for them to actually process the book, I elected to put it up TODAY, so hopefully it’ll be done by tomorrow and Nook owners will be able to scarf the book along with everybody else.

(And don’t forget, if you want to preorder the book today, all the places you can do so are linked up on the book’s official page!)

Last but not least: yesterday was my turn to post on the Here Be Magic blog, and I did in fact post about Bone Walker, right over here! I talk some about the magical importance of music in the Warder universe, and I’m looking for comments on what songs are magical to you. I’ll be giving out a print edition of Bone Walker to a randomly selected commenter, so CLICKIE!

Bone Walker, Victory of the Hawk

Tuesday news: New way to order print copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker!


Now that the Bone Walker Soundtrack is an actual thing that you can actually buy, Dara has taken the liberty of doing a really awesome thing: she’s set up pages on the Crime and the Forces of Evil Bandcamp page to include both Faerie Blood AND Bone Walker‘s print editions as merch associated with the music. WHICH IT IS.

And what this means for you, O Internets, is that now there is a way to order print copies of these books without having to come directly to me. Even more importantly, it means that all methods of payment Bandcamp accepts are now ways that you can pay for the book–including credit cards as well as Paypal.

You can go straight to the Crime and the Forces of Evil Bandcamp page’s merch section and order the books from there. The page for Faerie Blood is here, and the page for Bone Walker is here!

The official pages for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker have both been updated with this information. Moving forward, this will be the recommended way to order print copies of either of these books, since it provides the most flexibility for how to pay.

* * *

I mention all of the above, by the way, because tonight I got Bone Walker‘s FIRST TEST PRINT, and we’re moving forward with the printing, and so soon I will have COPIES TO SELL YOU ALL. SO EXCITING!

* * *

On a related note, although I’m now able to take orders for the print books via Bandcamp, I will still accept direct requests to buy the books in either ebook or print form.

However, since people keep asking me how to go about paying me for stuff, I have spun off a standalone Buying From Me page on the site that explains what things I can sell directly, what their prices are, and what methods of payment I can personally accept.

Please consider this the canonical reference source for how to order things directly from me. I’ll be updating my FAQ to point to it too.

* * *

And while we’re on the topic of that soundtrack, I have taken the liberty of giving it its very own page here on my site. Because it’s shiny, I’m proud of it, and I wanted to make sure new visitors to my site can find out about it. 😀

* * *

Last and OH MY assuredly NOT THE LEAST:

I have an official cover for Victory of the Hawk! \0/ I’m really excited about this cover, since a) it’s gorgeous, b) it’s dynamic, and c) it is a well and thoroughly proper fantasy novel cover.

Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, I give you Kestar Vaarsen, Knight of the Hawk, and baron of Bremany!

Victory of the Hawk

Victory of the Hawk

This cover will be getting added to Victory’s official page, and it’ll be added to the lineup of thumbnails on the homepage too!

Bone Walker

Bone Walker news for Monday!

Those of you who backed my Kickstarter will have already received this news, but for everybody else:


I am now working with Third Place Press to get the first print run done and dealt with. If all goes well we will hopefully have at least some initial copies to sell at Conflikt this weekend. I’m doing a print run of 100 copies, 44 of which will be going to Kickstarter backers. Of the rest, most will be used for selling at conventions, as well as for contributors’ copies to give to everybody who performed on the soundtrack, or who will be performing at the release concert this weekend.

If you don’t fall into either the “backer” or “contributor” categories and you want a copy of the book, talk to me about getting one. As with Faerie Blood, I have no mechanism in place for placing orders for this book. So if you want one, your options are in order of my preference:

  1. Paypal me to my annathepiper address on gmail.
  2. Credit equivalent to the price of the book on any online store where I can get ebooks. In order of preference that’ll be Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes (US or CA, I have accounts on both), and Amazon.
  3. If you’re local to me, I’ll take cash.
  4. If you’re NOT local to me and can’t Paypal me, you may mail me a check. I do NOT recommend you send cash.

I ask $15 USD as the base price of the book. If I can hand-deliver it to you (i.e., if you’re local to me, if I’ll be seeing you on my next trip to Canada, or if I’m likely to see you at a convention), I’ll waive shipping costs so it’ll be a straight up $15 USD.

If you are NOT local to me and I need to mail you the book, I also ask $3 USD for the cost of shipping within the States (where I can send a book by media mail rates), $6 for the cost of shipping to Canada, or $8 for the cost of shipping outside North America. (Sorry about that, non-North-Americans, but American postal rates are quite stupid right now. *^_^*;;)

If you want to reserve a copy out of the initial print run, then do please make arrangements to pay for a copy if you haven’t already. I will confirm your reserved copy when payment is received. Since my initial print run will have only about 45 copies available and some of those are hopefully going to get sold at Conflikt, I will have only a limited number to sell to folks. So priority will need to be given to people who can reserve a copy via payment.

If you can’t claim one of the initial print run copies, fear not, another print run is likely in the latter half of the year when I prep to go to Worldcon!


The ebook edition of Bone Walker is now up for preorder practically all over the place, including Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and Google Play! Nook users, it’ll be going up on B&N a week from today, so stand by on that. All the places you can preorder the book are on its official page!

AND, the soundtrack is available in digital form here, where you can also preorder the print CD! We have those CDs in our hands RIGHT NOW, so get ’em while the getting’s good! As with the print run of the books, these are available only in limited quantities, so we’ll be giving priority to people who can reserve copies via payment. Follow the instructions on the Bandcamp page to preorder a CD, or contact me and Dara to set that up!

Any questions? Let me know!

Bone Walker

Want to preorder Bone Walker? Look on this post!

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Bone Walker is now available for preorder on iTunes and Smashwords, as well as Kobo and Amazon and Google Play!

Pretty much everywhere I intend to sell it, except for Barnes & Noble, which has not gotten with the program and enabled pre-orders for indie authors. (BAH.) So if you’re a Nook owner and you want to buy Bone Walker from that store, stand by–I will be deploying there to try to sync up with the official 2/3 release date!

For everybody else, though, you can preorder the book all over the place now! All of the available links are on the official Bone Walker page. But for those of you who are in the places I most often get sales from, here’s a quick roundup of links. And if you’d like to make an indie author REAL happy on her birthday, consider using one of them! OR, sharing it with your social networks! (I cannot emphasize the latter enough. I’m a teeny tiny fish in a big pond, people, so I need all the signal boosting I can get!)

IF YOU ARE IN THE US: Amazon | iBooks

IF YOU ARE IN CANADA: Amazon | iBooks

IF YOU ARE IN THE UK: Amazon | iBooks


IF YOU ARE IN NORWAY (hi Yngvar! ;D ): iBooks

Links that I’m PRETTY SURE will redirect you to the appropriate geographic location no matter where you are: Kobo | Google Play


NOTE: If you’re a Google Play user and you find that you are NOT redirected to a workable link for your location, talk to me and I’ll doublecheck that the book’s actually active for your locale!

IF YOU WANT THE PRINT VERSION and you are not already getting a copy because of backing the Kickstarter: I do not have a mechanism in place for taking print preorders. But if you want one and haven’t already told me, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, because I can then give a better estimate to Third Place for how many I should have them print when the print edition is ready to go!

Thanks in advance to all who preorder and/or spread the word!

Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter

How to gift my books

And speaking of gifting, let’s talk a bit about how to give any of my books as gifts! Because as you might guess, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. 😀

Faerie Blood’s print edition

I will be happy to mail a copy of Faerie Blood‘s print edition anywhere in North America, either to you or to an address of your choosing, and I will totally sign it as well.

Overseas folks, please be advised that the cost of mailing an individual copy of the book is more than I actually ask for the book, so I’d recommend against that unless you REALLY want to pay the shipping charges. *^_^*;;

Regardless, contact me by email or the various social networks I’m on if you’d like to make arrangements.

All of my ebook editions

Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer, and Vengeance of the Hunter are all available via the major ebook vendors. So if you want to give any of them as gifts to people, you should go to the ebook vendor of your choice and use its available functionality for giving gifts. (Note: Carina Press’s own site does not have gifting functionality, so if you’d like to give Valor or Vengeance as a gift, you should do so via one of the major ebook vendor sites.)

Instructions for how to gift a book on the Kindle are here.

Instructions on how to gift a book on the Nook are here.

Kobo apparently USED to have the ability to gift ebooks, but doesn’t currently now, given what I’m seeing poking around the site. So if your target gift recipient is a Kobo user, you’re probably going to be best off giving a gift card.

If you want to give one of my books as a gift on the iBooks store, search for that book in iTunes or iBooks, and click on the dropdown arrow next to the price. You should see a menu that includes an option to “Gift this book”.

If you want to give the book as a gift on Google Play, to the best of my knowledge, it can’t be done–you have to give gift credit to the Google Play store via a gift card.

Smashwords has a “Give as a Gift” button on Faerie Blood‘s page here.

ALSO: I can’t hand-sell you my Carina titles, but I can and will hand-sell Faerie Blood as a gift to anyone in electronic form as well as print! I have EPUB, MOBI, and PDF all available, and can even make arrangements to bundle them up onto a gift CD for a recipient if so desired. As with the print edition, talk to me if you’d like to make arrangements.

Valor of the Healer’s audio edition

Don’t forget, either–Valor of the Healer is available in audio as well as ebook, so that’s a potential gift option too!

You should be able to use Amazon’s, Audible’s, or iTunes’s ability to gift audiobooks on any of those platforms.


Talk to me! And if you choose to buy any of my stuff as gifts for your loved ones, thank you in advance for your support!

Valor of the Healer

Quick update for any international readers

Hi all!

I’ve been investigating a problem reported to me about Valor of the Healer on Australian sites, since the book’s still on sale for 99 cents. It had not been deployed properly to iTunes Australia, which made no sense given that they have Vengeance of the Hunter available, as well as Valor‘s audiobook. Carina Press’s people in charge of deploying our books out to third-party channels have happily gotten that resolved for me, and now both Valor and Vengeance are available to Australian customers via iBooks.

The bad news though is that I’m also told that Australian channels are not participating in the current price promotion, and that the Australian channels do their own promotions. Which would explain why Valor is not showing up at a lower price on iTunes Australia or on Amazon Australia.

So if you’re in Australia (or anywhere else besides North America and the UK, which are the places that the 99 cent promo is actually active), and you want to take advantage of the sale price, the best thing to do is to go straight to Carina’s own site and buy it there. I’m told directly from our senior editor that we don’t have any territorial restrictions on who can buy books on the site. So any issues with buying the book there would be technical, not based on territorial rights, and the site’s customer support people should be able to assist.

If you are outside North America and the UK, and you have issues with getting either of my Carina books, do let Carina’s customer service people know. But let me know, too, if you would, just so I know what’s going on! I have faith that Carina’s people will be on top of any issues you run into and will get you set up, but I like to be in the loop too.

Thanks again to all for your support!