Bone Walker

Want to preorder Bone Walker? Look on this post!

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Bone Walker is now available for preorder on iTunes and Smashwords, as well as Kobo and Amazon and Google Play!

Pretty much everywhere I intend to sell it, except for Barnes & Noble, which has not gotten with the program and enabled pre-orders for indie authors. (BAH.) So if you’re a Nook owner and you want to buy Bone Walker from that store, stand by–I will be deploying there to try to sync up with the official 2/3 release date!

For everybody else, though, you can preorder the book all over the place now! All of the available links are on the official Bone Walker page. But for those of you who are in the places I most often get sales from, here’s a quick roundup of links. And if you’d like to make an indie author REAL happy on her birthday, consider using one of them! OR, sharing it with your social networks! (I cannot emphasize the latter enough. I’m a teeny tiny fish in a big pond, people, so I need all the signal boosting I can get!)

IF YOU ARE IN THE US: Amazon | iBooks

IF YOU ARE IN CANADA: Amazon | iBooks

IF YOU ARE IN THE UK: Amazon | iBooks


IF YOU ARE IN NORWAY (hi Yngvar! ;D ): iBooks

Links that I’m PRETTY SURE will redirect you to the appropriate geographic location no matter where you are: Kobo | Google Play


NOTE: If you’re a Google Play user and you find that you are NOT redirected to a workable link for your location, talk to me and I’ll doublecheck that the book’s actually active for your locale!

IF YOU WANT THE PRINT VERSION and you are not already getting a copy because of backing the Kickstarter: I do not have a mechanism in place for taking print preorders. But if you want one and haven’t already told me, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, because I can then give a better estimate to Third Place for how many I should have them print when the print edition is ready to go!

Thanks in advance to all who preorder and/or spread the word!

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