Bone Walker

Bone Walker now available for preorder on Kobo and Google Play!

Today’s Bone Walker major news item: if you’re a reader of ebooks on Kobo devices and/or apps, OR if you’re Android-inclined and like to get your digital media from Google Play, then the book is now available for preorder on platforms FOR YOU!

The Kobo preorder link is here! And the Google Play link is here!

Both of these links have been added to the official Bone Walker page as well!

I can’t deploy to Barnes and Noble yet–NookPress doesn’t support preorders, which is irritating. So if you’re Nook-inclined, hang in there, your link is coming. I’ll be deploying up to B&N on the 2nd, to try to get the book live by the 3rd.

And it’ll take me a bit longer to deploy up to iBooks and Smashwords, since both of those platforms require a few extra hoops to jump through before I can deploy there. I hope to get those platforms up this weekend, since both of them do support preorders.

MEANWHILE: Dara has completed work on a first draft for the PDF that will eventually become the print edition of the book! We DO need layout and format checkers for this, so if you’d like to volunteer to sanity-check the PDF, please let me know and I’ll set you up with a copy of the file. There’s a complimentary final copy of the ebook in the format of your choice in it for you if you aren’t already getting it for some other reason. 😀

AND! In exciting news about the soundtrack, it actually charted for a little bit on Bandcamp’s Alternative chart! It even briefly made it up to the Top 40 on that chart! Very tiny pond, but WE WERE IN IT NONETHELESS. And don’t forget, if you’d like to check out the soundtrack, you can do so right over here. You can stream the whole thing to check it out if you want, and you can buy the digital version RIGHT NOW, or pre-order the CD!

You can ALSO preorder the album from Amazon right over here!

And when Dara has more links for that, I’ll pass ’em along.

SO EXCITING YOU GUYS. And very soon it will be Conflikt, and we’ll have the release party concert for this thing, and DID I MENTION WE’RE GOING TO HAVE ALEXANDER JAMES ADAMS AND S.J. TUCKER PLAYING WITH US? Which I can actually say now because S00j has posted about it on her VERY OWN WEBSITE? \m/

If you’re coming to Conflikt, DO come see us!

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