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Bone Walker

And in today’s HOLY CRAP news…

… as reported by Dara, someone who’s actually a member of the Recording Academy has nominated the Bone Walker soundtrack, and also specifically “Kitsune at War”, for the freggin’ Grammys.

See Dara’s post for the details, including how she’s sent off copies of the album for specific jury review! Which, let me emphasize, is the only thing that’s happened here–this isn’t getting onto the actual shortlist for the awards, this is just “this album and this track are worthy of consideration by the jury, so send us your stuff and we’ll look at it”.

The very, very rough equivalent of this would be, say, the opening nomination round of the Hugos–when members of Worldcon send in their lists of things they’d like to see nominated for Hugos, and the final nominees are pulled from that list. Only in this case, there’s jury review. There isn’t any jury review for the Hugos, just tabulating the top nominees out of the pool of initial ballots submitted.

We’re not under any delusions that this’ll actually go anywhere, mind you; we don’t expect to get out of the jury consideration, much less actually win anything. BUT: that the jury consideration part is a thing that has happened AT ALL, we feel, is still worth a huge OMG all by itself. And I couldn’t be more proud. Particularly because “Kitsune at War” is called out in particular, because holy crap you guys, I love that piece. And I love playing it, as challenging it is for my flute skills.

On a related note, I feel it’s also appropriate to now point out that this soundtrack would qualify in the category of “Best Related Work” for the Hugos next year. Not to mention that Bone Walker the book would qualify for Best Novel (along with Victory of the Hawk)! So if anybody wants to nominate us for next year’s Hugo run, that certainly wouldn’t suck. JUST SAYIN’. ;D

Faerie Blood

Stuff on sale! Faerie Blood! Bone Walker Soundtrack! Other NIWA titles!

So a bunch of us in NIWA thought, hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if we banded together and put several of our books on sale for 99 cents? We are doing exactly that.

Me, I’ve put Faerie Blood on sale for 99 cents for the entire month of June in honor of this, and also because I CAN. This price will be valid until the end of the month. As always, all of the official links to buy this book are on the Faerie Blood page!

HOWEVER: several other NIWA-author titles will ALSO be on sale for 99 cents, for a narrower window of time, from the 12th until the 15th! We have a Facebook event describing this and which titles are participating! (If you’re not on Facebook, worry not–this is a publicly readable event so you should still be able to see the book list even if you’re not a Facebook user.) So keep an eye on that link, because more titles are getting added to it over the next several days. Be poised with your wallets to snap up all these nifty deals on the 12th, won’t you?

And in the meantime, Dara’s also jumped in on this tasty sale action. She’s set up a discount download code of “niwa” for anybody who’d like to snag a digital download of the Bone Walker soundtrack for 40 percent off! And as always, the soundtrack can be scarfed directly from Bandcamp.

ALSO! Although this is not actually part of the sale, don’t forget, the short story “The Blood of the Land” is also available for pennies. If you go to Smashwords, you can grab it for any price YOU choose, including free. Everywhere else, it’s 99 cents, and that will be the story’s permanent official price.

Spread the word, everybody!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Bone Walker giveaway goodness!

Now that I’ve got my mitts on the first full print run for Bone Walker, in addition to all the copies I’m sending out to my patient Kickstarter backers, I can ALSO do giveaways!

So I’ve set one up on Goodreads for two copies, which will be running through to the end of March. This is open to any Goodreads users in the US and Canada–sorry, overseas folks, postage for sending individual copies of books is just too steep for me to send freebies out to people who weren’t Kickstarter backers! If you’re a US or Canadian Goodreads user, though, here’s the giveaway widget! Clickie!

ETA: putting this behind a fold because the Javascript breaks on Livejournal. If you’re reading this on LJ or Dreamwidth, the direct link for the giveaway is here!

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Bone Walker, Victory of the Hawk

Tuesday news: New way to order print copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker!


Now that the Bone Walker Soundtrack is an actual thing that you can actually buy, Dara has taken the liberty of doing a really awesome thing: she’s set up pages on the Crime and the Forces of Evil Bandcamp page to include both Faerie Blood AND Bone Walker‘s print editions as merch associated with the music. WHICH IT IS.

And what this means for you, O Internets, is that now there is a way to order print copies of these books without having to come directly to me. Even more importantly, it means that all methods of payment Bandcamp accepts are now ways that you can pay for the book–including credit cards as well as Paypal.

You can go straight to the Crime and the Forces of Evil Bandcamp page’s merch section and order the books from there. The page for Faerie Blood is here, and the page for Bone Walker is here!

The official pages for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker have both been updated with this information. Moving forward, this will be the recommended way to order print copies of either of these books, since it provides the most flexibility for how to pay.

* * *

I mention all of the above, by the way, because tonight I got Bone Walker‘s FIRST TEST PRINT, and we’re moving forward with the printing, and so soon I will have COPIES TO SELL YOU ALL. SO EXCITING!

* * *

On a related note, although I’m now able to take orders for the print books via Bandcamp, I will still accept direct requests to buy the books in either ebook or print form.

However, since people keep asking me how to go about paying me for stuff, I have spun off a standalone Buying From Me page on the site that explains what things I can sell directly, what their prices are, and what methods of payment I can personally accept.

Please consider this the canonical reference source for how to order things directly from me. I’ll be updating my FAQ to point to it too.

* * *

And while we’re on the topic of that soundtrack, I have taken the liberty of giving it its very own page here on my site. Because it’s shiny, I’m proud of it, and I wanted to make sure new visitors to my site can find out about it. 😀

* * *

Last and OH MY assuredly NOT THE LEAST:

I have an official cover for Victory of the Hawk! \0/ I’m really excited about this cover, since a) it’s gorgeous, b) it’s dynamic, and c) it is a well and thoroughly proper fantasy novel cover.

Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, I give you Kestar Vaarsen, Knight of the Hawk, and baron of Bremany!

Victory of the Hawk

Victory of the Hawk

This cover will be getting added to Victory’s official page, and it’ll be added to the lineup of thumbnails on the homepage too!

Bone Walker

Bone Walker news for Monday!

Those of you who backed my Kickstarter will have already received this news, but for everybody else:


I am now working with Third Place Press to get the first print run done and dealt with. If all goes well we will hopefully have at least some initial copies to sell at Conflikt this weekend. I’m doing a print run of 100 copies, 44 of which will be going to Kickstarter backers. Of the rest, most will be used for selling at conventions, as well as for contributors’ copies to give to everybody who performed on the soundtrack, or who will be performing at the release concert this weekend.

If you don’t fall into either the “backer” or “contributor” categories and you want a copy of the book, talk to me about getting one. As with Faerie Blood, I have no mechanism in place for placing orders for this book. So if you want one, your options are in order of my preference:

  1. Paypal me to my annathepiper address on gmail.
  2. Credit equivalent to the price of the book on any online store where I can get ebooks. In order of preference that’ll be Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes (US or CA, I have accounts on both), and Amazon.
  3. If you’re local to me, I’ll take cash.
  4. If you’re NOT local to me and can’t Paypal me, you may mail me a check. I do NOT recommend you send cash.

I ask $15 USD as the base price of the book. If I can hand-deliver it to you (i.e., if you’re local to me, if I’ll be seeing you on my next trip to Canada, or if I’m likely to see you at a convention), I’ll waive shipping costs so it’ll be a straight up $15 USD.

If you are NOT local to me and I need to mail you the book, I also ask $3 USD for the cost of shipping within the States (where I can send a book by media mail rates), $6 for the cost of shipping to Canada, or $8 for the cost of shipping outside North America. (Sorry about that, non-North-Americans, but American postal rates are quite stupid right now. *^_^*;;)

If you want to reserve a copy out of the initial print run, then do please make arrangements to pay for a copy if you haven’t already. I will confirm your reserved copy when payment is received. Since my initial print run will have only about 45 copies available and some of those are hopefully going to get sold at Conflikt, I will have only a limited number to sell to folks. So priority will need to be given to people who can reserve a copy via payment.

If you can’t claim one of the initial print run copies, fear not, another print run is likely in the latter half of the year when I prep to go to Worldcon!


The ebook edition of Bone Walker is now up for preorder practically all over the place, including Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and Google Play! Nook users, it’ll be going up on B&N a week from today, so stand by on that. All the places you can preorder the book are on its official page!

AND, the soundtrack is available in digital form here, where you can also preorder the print CD! We have those CDs in our hands RIGHT NOW, so get ’em while the getting’s good! As with the print run of the books, these are available only in limited quantities, so we’ll be giving priority to people who can reserve copies via payment. Follow the instructions on the Bandcamp page to preorder a CD, or contact me and Dara to set that up!

Any questions? Let me know!

Bone Walker

Bone Walker now available for preorder on Kobo and Google Play!

Today’s Bone Walker major news item: if you’re a reader of ebooks on Kobo devices and/or apps, OR if you’re Android-inclined and like to get your digital media from Google Play, then the book is now available for preorder on platforms FOR YOU!

The Kobo preorder link is here! And the Google Play link is here!

Both of these links have been added to the official Bone Walker page as well!

I can’t deploy to Barnes and Noble yet–NookPress doesn’t support preorders, which is irritating. So if you’re Nook-inclined, hang in there, your link is coming. I’ll be deploying up to B&N on the 2nd, to try to get the book live by the 3rd.

And it’ll take me a bit longer to deploy up to iBooks and Smashwords, since both of those platforms require a few extra hoops to jump through before I can deploy there. I hope to get those platforms up this weekend, since both of them do support preorders.

MEANWHILE: Dara has completed work on a first draft for the PDF that will eventually become the print edition of the book! We DO need layout and format checkers for this, so if you’d like to volunteer to sanity-check the PDF, please let me know and I’ll set you up with a copy of the file. There’s a complimentary final copy of the ebook in the format of your choice in it for you if you aren’t already getting it for some other reason. 😀

AND! In exciting news about the soundtrack, it actually charted for a little bit on Bandcamp’s Alternative chart! It even briefly made it up to the Top 40 on that chart! Very tiny pond, but WE WERE IN IT NONETHELESS. And don’t forget, if you’d like to check out the soundtrack, you can do so right over here. You can stream the whole thing to check it out if you want, and you can buy the digital version RIGHT NOW, or pre-order the CD!

You can ALSO preorder the album from Amazon right over here!

And when Dara has more links for that, I’ll pass ’em along.

SO EXCITING YOU GUYS. And very soon it will be Conflikt, and we’ll have the release party concert for this thing, and DID I MENTION WE’RE GOING TO HAVE ALEXANDER JAMES ADAMS AND S.J. TUCKER PLAYING WITH US? Which I can actually say now because S00j has posted about it on her VERY OWN WEBSITE? \m/

If you’re coming to Conflikt, DO come see us!

Bone Walker

Today’s Bone Walker report!

Bone Walker’s official page has now been updated with all of its Amazon links, both US and International. It’s pre-orderable everywhere Amazon has it posted. So if you’re a Kindle user, you can have at it! Pre-orders would be very helpful as they’ll count towards my February sales and help bump up the book’s early Amazon ranking. There are four pre-orders already, which is awesome!

Also, if you’re someone who’s read one of the pre-release versions of the book and you are so inclined, please consider rating or reviewing it. That’ll help too!

And! Bone Walker now also has an official Goodreads link, so if you’re on Goodreads you can add it to your shelves right over here. Same commentary re: early reviews and ratings applies here, too.

I’ve gotten in some good commentary from proofreaders (thank you, Talya, Jennifer, Maria-Katriina, and Anne!), and I have Emma looking at the test MOBI for any formatting problems. I do still need volunteers to check my test EPUB as well.

Carina Press has given me final text for the official copyright notices at the front of the book, for use of my Carina books’ covers and blurb copy in the back. I still do not have an official cover or copy for Victory of the Hawk there, so Victory may or may not get an ad into the print edition. It will hopefully have one in the ebook at least!

(Also, Carina’s editorial staff sent around a helpful mail to all the Carina authors after working with me on this, with a how-to for how to use allowed Carina material for promoting our titles with them in our self-pubbed works. Which is pretty awesome. Kudos to Carina’s team for that. ^_^ )

Last but not least, I’ve started whipping up a few tweets to fling around Twitter to encourage people to go preorder the book. If you’re on Twitter and feel like signalboosting me, here, have some example tweets you can use! Or feel free to make up one and use the link!

All that keeps a dark spirit from destroying Seattle is a half-Seelie mage! Bone Walker by @annathepiper, out 2/3!

Kendis Thompson thinks she’s mastered her magic. A dark spirit and a dragon prove her wrong. Bone Walker out 2/3!

The Unseelie Court wants Kendis Thompson–and they’re willing to destroy Seattle to get her. Bone Walker out 2/3!

Still to come:

  • Dara beginning work on the print edition and the PDF
  • I need to file official copyright for the book
  • I need to launch an ad for it on Goodreads
  • Proofreading changes will get rolled into the master file

Getting close to this being a real live book. SO EXCITING!

ONE LAST THING: Dara has a question for folks pertaining to CD Baby’s release of the soundtrack! She wants to know whether you think CD Baby’s automatic appending of “(Original Soundtrack)” to the title is a good thing or a bad thing. If you have thoughts on the matter, tell her over here!