Bone Walker

And in today’s HOLY CRAP news…

… as reported by Dara, someone who’s actually a member of the Recording Academy has nominated the Bone Walker soundtrack, and also specifically “Kitsune at War”, for the freggin’ Grammys.

See Dara’s post for the details, including how she’s sent off copies of the album for specific jury review! Which, let me emphasize, is the only thing that’s happened here–this isn’t getting onto the actual shortlist for the awards, this is just “this album and this track are worthy of consideration by the jury, so send us your stuff and we’ll look at it”.

The very, very rough equivalent of this would be, say, the opening nomination round of the Hugos–when members of Worldcon send in their lists of things they’d like to see nominated for Hugos, and the final nominees are pulled from that list. Only in this case, there’s jury review. There isn’t any jury review for the Hugos, just tabulating the top nominees out of the pool of initial ballots submitted.

We’re not under any delusions that this’ll actually go anywhere, mind you; we don’t expect to get out of the jury consideration, much less actually win anything. BUT: that the jury consideration part is a thing that has happened AT ALL, we feel, is still worth a huge OMG all by itself. And I couldn’t be more proud. Particularly because “Kitsune at War” is called out in particular, because holy crap you guys, I love that piece. And I love playing it, as challenging it is for my flute skills.

On a related note, I feel it’s also appropriate to now point out that this soundtrack would qualify in the category of “Best Related Work” for the Hugos next year. Not to mention that Bone Walker the book would qualify for Best Novel (along with Victory of the Hawk)! So if anybody wants to nominate us for next year’s Hugo run, that certainly wouldn’t suck. JUST SAYIN’. ;D

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