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Bone Walker news for Monday!

Those of you who backed my Kickstarter will have already received this news, but for everybody else:


I am now working with Third Place Press to get the first print run done and dealt with. If all goes well we will hopefully have at least some initial copies to sell at Conflikt this weekend. I’m doing a print run of 100 copies, 44 of which will be going to Kickstarter backers. Of the rest, most will be used for selling at conventions, as well as for contributors’ copies to give to everybody who performed on the soundtrack, or who will be performing at the release concert this weekend.

If you don’t fall into either the “backer” or “contributor” categories and you want a copy of the book, talk to me about getting one. As with Faerie Blood, I have no mechanism in place for placing orders for this book. So if you want one, your options are in order of my preference:

  1. Paypal me to my annathepiper address on gmail.
  2. Credit equivalent to the price of the book on any online store where I can get ebooks. In order of preference that’ll be Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes (US or CA, I have accounts on both), and Amazon.
  3. If you’re local to me, I’ll take cash.
  4. If you’re NOT local to me and can’t Paypal me, you may mail me a check. I do NOT recommend you send cash.

I ask $15 USD as the base price of the book. If I can hand-deliver it to you (i.e., if you’re local to me, if I’ll be seeing you on my next trip to Canada, or if I’m likely to see you at a convention), I’ll waive shipping costs so it’ll be a straight up $15 USD.

If you are NOT local to me and I need to mail you the book, I also ask $3 USD for the cost of shipping within the States (where I can send a book by media mail rates), $6 for the cost of shipping to Canada, or $8 for the cost of shipping outside North America. (Sorry about that, non-North-Americans, but American postal rates are quite stupid right now. *^_^*;;)

If you want to reserve a copy out of the initial print run, then do please make arrangements to pay for a copy if you haven’t already. I will confirm your reserved copy when payment is received. Since my initial print run will have only about 45 copies available and some of those are hopefully going to get sold at Conflikt, I will have only a limited number to sell to folks. So priority will need to be given to people who can reserve a copy via payment.

If you can’t claim one of the initial print run copies, fear not, another print run is likely in the latter half of the year when I prep to go to Worldcon!


The ebook edition of Bone Walker is now up for preorder practically all over the place, including Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and Google Play! Nook users, it’ll be going up on B&N a week from today, so stand by on that. All the places you can preorder the book are on its official page!

AND, the soundtrack is available in digital form here, where you can also preorder the print CD! We have those CDs in our hands RIGHT NOW, so get ’em while the getting’s good! As with the print run of the books, these are available only in limited quantities, so we’ll be giving priority to people who can reserve copies via payment. Follow the instructions on the Bandcamp page to preorder a CD, or contact me and Dara to set that up!

Any questions? Let me know!

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