Valor of the Healer

Quick update for any international readers

Hi all!

I’ve been investigating a problem reported to me about Valor of the Healer on Australian sites, since the book’s still on sale for 99 cents. It had not been deployed properly to iTunes Australia, which made no sense given that they have Vengeance of the Hunter available, as well as Valor‘s audiobook. Carina Press’s people in charge of deploying our books out to third-party channels have happily gotten that resolved for me, and now both Valor and Vengeance are available to Australian customers via iBooks.

The bad news though is that I’m also told that Australian channels are not participating in the current price promotion, and that the Australian channels do their own promotions. Which would explain why Valor is not showing up at a lower price on iTunes Australia or on Amazon Australia.

So if you’re in Australia (or anywhere else besides North America and the UK, which are the places that the 99 cent promo is actually active), and you want to take advantage of the sale price, the best thing to do is to go straight to Carina’s own site and buy it there. I’m told directly from our senior editor that we don’t have any territorial restrictions on who can buy books on the site. So any issues with buying the book there would be technical, not based on territorial rights, and the site’s customer support people should be able to assist.

If you are outside North America and the UK, and you have issues with getting either of my Carina books, do let Carina’s customer service people know. But let me know, too, if you would, just so I know what’s going on! I have faith that Carina’s people will be on top of any issues you run into and will get you set up, but I like to be in the loop too.

Thanks again to all for your support!

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