Bone Walker


As of this morning Bone Walker has gone live on all the places where I’m selling it for digital readers–so now you can officially buy it on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, and Google Play! And there are more links to buy, especially for international readers, on the book’s official page!

Most of my preorders were on the Kindle, and Amazon chugged through processing those last night, which did amusing things to my February numbers. Google Play’s preorder apparently still counts as a January sale. And I also had a preorder show up for iBooks that I hadn’t seen before, so yay! Many thanks to all who preordered!

If you feel inclined and want to help me out, please, please, please spread the word about the book being out now. Also consider leaving a rating or review–on the book’s Amazon page will have the most heft, but its Goodreads page is also now live, and reviews there will have some weight too.

And in honor of the release, I feel some character interviews coming on. Anybody want to wing a question at any member of the cast of the Free Court of Seattle? Leave your question and to whom you’d like it directed in the comments! There will be in-character answers!

ETA: If you’re on Twitter and are thusly inclined, here’s a tweet you can steal to use:

Bone Walker by @annathepiper now available! Come fling questions at any character in the Free Court of Seattle!

ALSO: Don’t forget, I’m running a giveaway over on Here Be Magic for a print edition of the book! The post is right over here!

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