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An undaunted by Typhoon Songda book roundup post

The last gasp of Typhoon Songda is on the way into the Puget Sound region as I type this, and chances are high we’ll lose power! But before that happens, hey, let’s get this post out of my Drafts queue, shall we?

Had a little bit of credit on the iTunes/iBooks store, so I grabbed a few Tor titles from that store–since Tor publishes DRM-free and DRM-free is the ONLY way I will buy from the iBooks store:

  • Song in the Silence, The Lesser Kindred, and Redeeming the Lost, all by Elizabeth Kerner. This is a complete trilogy, The Tale of Lanen Kaelar. I read Book 1 ages ago in print, and kept meaning to get caught up on it. It’s a fantasy story with a side helping of romance, which as y’all know is Relevant to My Interests. And this one had a decent take on a dragon hero that could ever so helpfully shapeshift to human form, as I recall. It’s been long enough ago since I read Book 1 that rereading it will be basically a clean slate.
  • Karen Memory, by Elizabeth Bear. Historical fantasy. Grabbed this because it’s set in the early days of Seattle, in our days of “seamstresses”! (And if you have ever taken the Underground Tour in downtown Seattle, you know why that’s a significant word in our history!)
  • Updraft, by Fran Wilde. Fantasy, YA. Have had my eye on this one since it came out last year, and since Book 2 just dropped, the price on this ebook finally dropped to 9.99. Wanted this because I thought the description of the society where it’s set sounded interesting, oriented around flight and altitude.
  • Last Song Before Night, by Ilana C. Meyer. Fantasy. Got this one because of the protagonist being a musician, and music appears to play very heavily into the plot. And I’m definitely partial to music-related SF/F, as y’all know!

And while I was at it, I also happened to pick up a couple of books in print from Third Place:

  • Voyage of the Basilisk, by Marie Brennan. Book 3 of the Lady Trents because yep, keeping up with the whole “I want this in print as well as digital” thing for this series.
  • This Gulf of Time and Stars, by Julie Czerneda. Paperback of Book 1 of her current Clan series, because yep, Czerneda I buy in print and digital as well!

58 for the year.

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