Oh hey I forgot about this post ebook roundup

Deadly Strain

Deadly Strain

This post has been sitting in my Drafts list the whole time I was at Fiddle Tunes. Oops! Here are some recent ebook acquisitions I’ve made, anyway!

From Amazon:

Ghost Hand, by Ripley Patton. Urban Fantasy. Picked this up because Ripley is a fellow NIWA author, and she was handing out her book for free over the Kindle for a bit.

From Carina Press by way of Boosting the Signal:

Deadly Strain, by Julie Rowe. Romantic Suspense. Got this because Julie was kind enough to send me a copy when I featured her on Boosting the Signal!

And from Kobo, because I had some credit to spend:

Two Serpents Rise, by Max Gladstone. Fantasy. Gotten because this is book 2 in his Craft Sequence series and I very much liked book 1.

“The Deepest Rift” and “The Litany of Earth”, by Ruthanna Emrys. Two of her original short works that have been published on Grabbed ’em because I’ve already read “The Litany of Earth” and very much liked it, so wanted a copy for my library.

40 for the year.

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