Post-VCON and post-deadline-crunch ebook roundup post

Bought from B&N:

  • The Reluctant Amazon, by Sandy James. This is book one of an urban fantasy series by a fellow Carina author, and I’d been meaning to get it for some time. Normally I’d have grabbed this right off the Carina site, but it was FREE last week by way of celebrating Sandy’s latest release in the series. I like free! So I scarfed it. (Also note: she is up to book four in the series, so DO go check her out. The latest one is up on Carina’s site right over here. Note the PoC heroine!)
  • How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea, by Mira Grant. A novella set in the Newsflesh universe, which I’d ALSO been meaning to grab for some time!
  • A Race to Splendor by Ciji Ware. Historical fiction, probably romance, but that’s a little fuzzy in the description. I saw this in a roundup on the Bitchery about books on sale, and thought it sounded interesting, and I think we’ve established by now that “sounds interesting” equals “SOLD” when it comes to me and buying books. The Goodreads page for the book is here. (Be warned: the book is no longer on sale and the ebook price is steep, so if you find that this one sounds interesting, you might want to go the library route or wait until the ebook price comes down.)

Bought from Kobo:

  • What Happens in Scotland and Summer is For Lovers, by Jennifer McQuiston. Historical romances. Got both of these because the latter was well-reviewed on the Bitchery over here. And since What Happens in Scotland was available for only .99 (still is, as of this writing), I thought I’d give ’em a go.

Bought from Smashwords, basically because I saw both of these in the dealers’ room at VCON and thought they sounded interesting–but because my shelves are overflowing right now with physical books I opted to get the ebooks instead (and also woo! Supporting Canadian SF/F!):

  • Tranquility’s Blaze, by Krista D. Ball. Fantasy. Goodreads page for it here.
  • Blightcross, by C.A. Lang. Fantasy/steampunk/dieselpunk. Goodreads page here.

163 for the year. And this count will be going up again REAL SOON as Cherie Priest is about to drop another one and this is HIGHLY RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS.

Also, srs bznz Pro Tip: if you’re interested in romance AT ALL, and you’re not already, go read Smart Bitches. Hell, if you’re as ravenous an ebook devourer as me, the “Books on Sale” posts SB Sarah does alone are a valuable public service to the community of readers! 😉

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