Book hiatus break

So I had me a bit of a hiatus break, as expected–although I turned out to get a few more books than anticipated. Still though, we’re back on now until Ghost Story drops!

Picked up in print:

  • Deadline, by Mira Grant (userinfoseanan_mcguire). SF/Horror/Zombies/General Awesomeness. Because I mean DAMN.
  • The Spymaster’s Lady, by Joanna Bourne. Historical Romance. Picked up because of it being well-reviewed by the fine ladies of the Smart Bitchery, and because the print version has a nicer cover than the ebook version does.
  • Desdaemona, by Ben Macallan (userinfodesperance). Urban fantasy. Picked up because userinfodesperance is awesome!

Picked up electronically:

  • Deadline, bought in both formats because I MEAN DAMN.
  • Feed, also of course by Mira Grant/userinfoseanan_mcguire. Because I never had it in ebook!

And that’s 115 for the year so far!

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