Bone Walker

Attention, everybody who backed the Bone Walker Kickstarter


I have an ETA on when the rest of the first Bone Walker print run is expected to be done, and when I can therefore pick books up. This ETA is this coming Monday, one week from today.

If you are a backer of my 2012 Kickstarter and you are owed a copy of Bone Walker, OR a postcard or poster of the cover art, please consider this your reminder to let me know ASAP if your contact data has changed! It is very, VERY important to let me know this so that I can send you the long-overdue stuff you are owed!

You can visit the project page and scroll down to your reward level. There, you should see a link you can use to update your address data on the survey I sent out before asking for that very thing. Update your physical address AND your email address if necessary; I know of at least one backer who’s changed email addresses since I originally ran the project. She’s already told me about her change, but if anybody else out there has new email addresses I need to know about, I need to hear from you about that as well.

Alternately, you may DM/PM me on the social networks, or email me at my annathepiper address on gmail to get me your data.

Speaking of the posters and postcards: they’re not ready yet but I hope to have them ready soon. Please stand by for updates on that too!

Any questions? Let me know!

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