General reminders: How to buy my books

Now that Bone Walker has been released, I’m starting to get asked this again, so a quick general reminder:

If you want to buy either Bone Walker OR Faerie Blood in print, you have two options.

One, order them via the pages Dara has set up on Bandcamp. Those pages are here for Faerie Blood, and here for Bone Walker. If you order from there, the book is slightly more expensive because we need to allow for Bandcamp taking a cut of the sale. However, the tradeoff is that you can also use all methods of payment that Bandcamp can accept, including credit cards. The asking price for either book there is $17 + $3 shipping to US addresses, $6 shipping to Canadian addresses, and $8 for shipping anywhere else.

Two, you can order the books directly from me. Best way to pay me is via Paypal. Buying directly from me makes the price $15 per book, but the shipping costs remain the same. See the Buying From Me page for details.


Second quick general reminder: both Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are available on all the major ebook vendors where I usually sell stuff: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, and Google Play. Links to buy on all those sites can be found on the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages.

I will also hand-sell copies of the books to people if you don’t want to go through any specific vendor’s ecosystem. Again, see the Buying From Me page for details.


Third quick general reminder: Victory of the Hawk IS available for preorder! I’ve found it up on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play, and as soon as a page for it goes live on Carina’s own site, I’ll be linking up to that. All links for preordering Victory can be found on the Victory of the Hawk page.

And if you haven’t read Valor of the Healer or Vengeance of the Hunter yet, they do remain quite the steal at $2.99 each, so consider picking those up if you haven’t already! You should read Valor and Vengeance in order for Victory to really make best sense. While I have done my best to give new readers context if they come in cold on Victory, the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy IS intended to be one big story. I do recommend you read it as such.

ALSO: don’t forget, Valor is available as an audiobook, and while Audible has not elected to do an audio edition of Vengeance of the Hunter, they might change their minds if the Valor audiobook shows some signs of life. So consider picking that up if you like audiobooks!

This concludes this Monday promotional announcement. ^_^

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