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Tonight’s Kickstarter update: Should I break out more cookies?

Tonight’s numbers: 40 backers, $1,720 pledged, and we are at 43 percent funding! Given that we are only about three days in at this point, I believe that this can be summarized with one succinct word: FANTASTIC.

But! I got in a lovely little comment from a backer who says she’s willing to throw me more money if I open up new rewards that focus exclusively on ebooks–which raises the interesting question of how many of my other Warder universe ideas do I want to throw into this pot? I’ve already touched on these on this blog before, and in order of ease of adding to the project, these are:

  • The Elizabeth/Ross novella, already in progress
  • “The Blood of the Land”, my previous Drollerie short story, which came out in Defiance
  • The Millicent Merriweather origin story, still in planning stages
  • The tuba player story, also still in planning stages

Some of you have already told me you are going to support me when your next paydays arrive, and for that I thank you most kindly in advance! But if any of you might still be on the fence, let me know if additional shinies off this list would pull you in–OR, if you’ve already supported, if they’d tempt you to up your pledge! ‘Cause, y’know, if y’all are willing to do that, I will TOTALLY start adding new rewards!

The official update post is over here–drop a comment there or here! The official project page is here!

And again–though I’ll be saying this a lot over the next few weeks, it bears repeating every single time–thank you, THANK YOU ALL, for your support!

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