Faerie Blood

The plucky little ebook that could

So I’m still hanging in there in the Top 25 in Fantasy at Fictionwise! It’s been a month and change since I started paying attention, and I’ve gone from #18 up to #2, then fallen back to #22, only to boing back up to #19 as of last night. I’m quite curious now to see if I’ll go a whole two months clinging to the front page of the Fantasy rankings there. Also quite curious to know how much of this is from Fictionwise itself and how much from Fictionwise-related sites, like the Stanza bookstore or eReader.com.

Meanwhile, the folks over at The Plot Thickens, one of the Mobipocket partner sites who’re selling the book, have me up as a featured ebook of the month in Fantasy! Check it out!

Faerie Blood featured at The Plot Thickens

Faerie Blood featured at The Plot Thickens

They also noticed that I linked to their page for the book and kindly contacted me to offer me free author privileges if I make an account with them. So if any of you out there are fans of the Mobi format, you might consider popping by there to see if their store is to your liking. Tell ’em I sent ya.

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