Going back to Canada second week in a row book roundup!

Because I haven’t done one of these in a while, and because I’d like to clear out my list of Stuff I Really Need to Get Done before I scamper back up to Canada tomorrow for Le Vent du Nord goodness, here’s a roundup of recent book acquisitions!

From Amazon:

  • Stronger Than Blood, by Genevieve Griffin. Urban fantasy YA, as I’ve posted about before. I don’t normally buy ebooks from Amazon, but for this, I make an exception.

From Barnes and Noble, because I was in the mood to augment my French ebooks collection and because I’ve got credit to blow on the B&N store:

  • Luna: La cité maudite, by Élodie Tirel. Fantasy YA, in French, as I’ve posted about before. I already had a print copy of this, but I wanted an ebook copy, in no small part because getting a print copy of this book means I have to order it from Quebec, and I’d be sad if I lost it or spilled anything on it!
  • Gaïg 1: La prophétie des nains, by Dynah Psyche. Again, fantasy YA. Grabbing this because it’s by the same imprint that does Élodie Tirel, and I’m interested in the apparent main character on the cover being a female dwarf. (Yes, folks, if I have to stuff an entire extra language into my head in order to read me some fantasy featuring a female dwarf, I AM PREPARED TO DO THAT. However, not all of us are language nerds. Hey, US fantasy market, step up to the plate here, won’t you?)
  • Rivière des morts, by Esther Rochon. Not sure whether to call this fantasy or horror, given that as I understand it, there’s some Lovecraftian mythos fun going on in here. Can’t wait to tackle reading it! And, this is another book I have a paperback copy of, but again, reluctant to let it out of the house for fear of damaging it or losing it, ’cause ordering books from Quebec is spendy!
  • Sentinels: Lynx Destiny, by Doranna Durgin. Paranormal romance. ‘Cause I’ve liked the others in this series so far, and hey, Doranna Durgin is pretty much auto-buy in these parts.

Directly from Gary Botting, as a “from one author to another” gift at the De Temps Antan show at the Rogue:

  • Chief Smallboy: The Pursuit of Freedom, by Gary Botting. This is a biography about a chief of the Cree, Bob Smallboy, and a part of Canadian history with which I am unfamiliar. It should be an interesting and informative read!

And again from Barnes and Noble, this time in print:

  • Half-Off Ragnarok, by Seanan McGuire. Urban fantasy, book 3 of her Incryptid series. Because Seanan.
  • A Turn of Light, by Julie E. Czerneda. Fantasy. Already have this in ebook, but Ms. Czerneda is definitely on my list of “must have in both formats” authors.

Lastly, from Angry Robot:

  • Blades of the Old Empire, by Anna Kashina. Fantasy. Astute readers may observe that this is the book I featured last week on Boosting the Signal!
  • The Thief’s Gamble, by Juliet E. McKenna. Fantasy. Because I need more fantasy novels by women!

17 for the year so far.

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