Book roundup post to clear out the re-buy backlog and also new stuff

Picked up in paperback from B&N:

  • Cold Days, by Jim Butcher. The last released Dresden Files. Because I was waiting for this to hit mass market, so I could go ahead and finally pick it up. I love me some Dresden but not at $14.99 a pop for the ebook.
  • Chimes at Midnight, by Seanan McGuire. The latest Toby Daye. Because Seanan
  • Terminated, by Rachel Caine. Book 3 of her Revivalist series.

Picked up from Smashwords:

  • Finding Home, by M.M. Justus, a.k.a. userinfommegaera! Historical romance with a side helping of time travel. This is the third in her series, and she just released it. Check her out over here and tell her I sent you.

Picked up electronically from B&N:

  • Cold Days, by Jim Butcher. Because picking it up electronically too, now that the price has finally dropped.
  • Bone Crossed and Silver Borne, by Patricia Briggs. Books 4 and 5 of Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. Re-buy electronically of books previously owned in print.

And, picked up electronically from Kobo, which were all electronic re-buys of books previously owned in print:

  • The Mystery of Grace and Muse and Reverie, by Charles de Lint.
  • Veil of Lies, by Jeri Westerson. Had grabbed this one before because it was described as medieval noir, and I liked the sound of that.

154 for the year.

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