Quick ebook roundup

Magic & Manners

Magic & Manners

Picked up from Kobo:

  • Magic & Manners, by C.E. Murphy. Fantasy. This is userinfomizkit‘s first release in two years, her take on what Pride & Prejudice would have been like with magic. Naturally I had to check this out! Because I mean honestly, there was no way I was NOT reading this. 😀
  • Forest of Memory, by Mary Robinette Kowal. SF. And speaking of Austen-esque authors, this is a new novella by Kowal, and naturally I had to read this too.
  • The Wild One, by Danelle Harmon. Historical romance. Grabbed this because Dear Author had a review up for Book 5 of this series, which sounded like fun. But I don’t like to start a series that far in, so I went to find this one instead. And it’s actually available for free right now, so bonus!

10 for the year.

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