The Harlequin had a 50 percent off ebook sale book roundup

So um yeah Harlequin has a coupon up today, for 50 percent off of any purchase on their ebook store. I was going to stoically refrain until I remembered OH HEY Luna is an imprint of Harlequin–and there were quite a few Luna books I wanted to look at.

Therefore, picked up electronically from Harlequin today:

  • Urban Shaman, Thunderbird Falls, and Coyote Dreams, by userinfomizkit. The first three books of the Walker Papers, which I didn’t have electronically yet.
  • Hammer of the Earth and Shield of the Sky, by Susan Krinard. Fantasy, with what appears to be a Neolithic-like setting.
  • Aftertime, Survivors, and Rebirth, by Sophie Littlefield. Post-apocalyptic SF, with zombies. Promises to be grim, but I liked the idea of the heroine having actually recovered from a previous zombiefied state, and being on the hunt for her stolen daughter. (NOTE: Survivors is a novella set after Book 1, and Harlequin currently has it for free on their site.)
  • Cast in Shadow, by Michelle Sagara West. Fantasy. Book 1 of the Chronicles of Elantra, which I keep hearing about. I’ve read older books by her and kept meaning to check this series out.
  • The Morcai Battalion, The Morcai Battalion: The Recruit, and The Morcai Battalion: Invictus, by Susan Kyle. SF of the space opera/military variety, and I snurched these since I’m not used to seeing the Luna imprint doing SF and I wish to support this with my moneys!

242 for the year.

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