Resuming long overdue book review posts

Anybody miss my book review posts? I’ve certainly missed doing them, and I’m severely behind on ’em. I’ve been so busy over the last many months that it’s been impossible for me to review books in a timely fashion, I’m afraid. I have been regularly rating them on Goodreads, but that’s just not the same, I think. Apologies for my chronic tardiness on this, especially to my fellow authors to whom I promised book reviews a LONG time ago.

So this is your all’s notice that I’m going to try to get a bit more caught up. I have overdue reviews from both 2011 AND 2012, so don’t be confused if you see Book Log posts showing up for both years. I’m going to alternate between them to try to close the gaps!

I’ll be picking up again with reviews from June of 2011. Next up: Trash Course, a mystery from Carina Press!

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