Final 2011 book buying roundup

Because Carina Press threw me a coupon at the last minute, and well hey, I like coupons!

Therefore, picked up electronically from Carina Press:

  • The Hollow House, by Janis Patterson. Period mystery-type deal. Our heroine’s living under an assumed name, and takes on the position of companion to a wealthy recluse. Only people start dying in the household of said recluse, and our heroine must work to keep from being accused of murder!
  • Dark Vow, by Shona Husk. Paranormal Western seems to be the best description for this thing, as a woman’s out to avenge the murder of her husband, and she and a man targeted by the same Arcane Bounty Hunter must go up against the Arcane Union.
  • Brass and Bone, by Cynthia Gael. Steampunk novella, with added magic.

ETA: Whoops, I also forgot that I grabbed the novella Magic Gifts from Ilona Andrews’ site, the one set in the Kate Daniels universe. I need to get caught up on those before I read this, but hey, free books are awesome.

Which makes my final 2011 tally 253. Significantly lower than 2010, I believe! We’ll have to see what 2012 brings me in the way of new books.

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