Quick book roundup post

Picked up from Kobo:

  • Wisp of a Thing and “Shall We Gather” by Alex Bledsoe. Second book of Bledsoe’s Tufa series, and a related short story as well. Grabbed these and promptly devoured them as soon as I finished The Hum and the Shiver.
  • Triptych by J.M. Frey. Grabbed this because she appears in the Doubleclicks’ new “Nothing to Prove” video, with a sign saying she has to use a gender-neutral name to get any respect as a writer–and she invoked Julie Czerneda. Who, as y’all know, is a holy name in SF as far as I’m concerned. So yeah, promptly found and grabbed her book!
  • The Magister’s Mask, Too Many Princes, and The Necromancer’s Bones by Deby Fredericks. I actually own all of these in trade paperback but was pleased to see them finally in electronic form. Deby Fredericks is a former leader of the Telgar Weyr club I used to be in, so yeah, had to support her with these purchases!

Picked up from Smashwords:

  • Seven Exalted Orders, by Deby Fredericks. See previous. Grabbed this one directly off of Smashwords rather than Kobo, to cut out the middle layer.

136 for the year.

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