A bilingual book roundup post!

I just made the delightful discovery that several of the French SF/F books I wanted to get are in fact available for the Nook–so I indulged myself and grabbed them! They’re ones that I THINK are all available from the same publisher, which might explain why I found them on The publisher in question is Alire–who stand out for me with their covers because of a distinctive way of showing the author’s last name in a vertical block of white text on black. So here are the books of theirs I grabbed! Most of these are titles I grabbed off the lists of recent Aurora Award winners and/or nominees, so they seemed like excellent examples of Francophone SF/F authors to check out. And Esther Rochon I grabbed because of her being recommended by userinfocow!

  • La saga d’Illyge, by Sylvie Bérard
  • La Tueuse de dragons, by Héloïse Côté (also because dragons!)
  • Lame (Les Chroniques infernales #1), by Esther Rochon (important note: ‘Lame’ here actually means ‘blade’, NOT the same word as in English)
  • RESET – Le Voile de lumière, by Joël Champetier
  • Montréel, by Éric Gauthier

So yeah, those ought to keep me occupied for some time!

Meanwhile, I had Dara pick this up for me from Amazon, in print:

  • Traditional Songs from Quebec, for English-Speakers, by Josie Mendelsohn. Grabbed this because it came highly recommended by Dejah Leger and the others in the local Quebec music crowd, and to further my general immersion in the genre! VERY much looking forward to diving into this.

And I grabbed this in print because I’ve needed to grab a copy for a while, and because of the general awesomeness of Smart Bitches Trashy Books:

  • Everything I Know about Love I Learned from Romance Novels, by Sarah Wendell. This is the second book from the SB’s, and should be quite fun. As I understand it, this’ll be a strong callback to the recurring SB-TB site feature of romance-based advice posts

And last but not least, from Carina Press on general grounds of their awesomeness AND because they sent me a coupon:

  • The Superheroes Union: Dynama, by Ruth Diaz. Grabbed because 1) superheros! and 2) it’s an F/F romance! And I am all over supporting Carina publishing F/F titles!
  • Ten Ruby Trick and The Pirate’s Lady, by Julia Knight. Because PIRATES. Yarr!

This brings me to 108 for the year!

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