Quick ebook roundup

Just to clear this off my post queue!

Green Rider

Green Rider

Picked up electronically from Kobo:

  • Where I Belong, by Alan Doyle. Memoir. I bought the hardcopy of this from earlier this year, but of course I wanted the ebook too.
  • Green Rider, by Kristen Britain. Fantasy. Re-buy of a book previously owned in print, the first of her ongoing series that finally had a book five show up. I’m more likely to re-read books 1 and 2 if I have them electronically, so this is me going about getting those.
  • The Forest of Hands and Teeth, by Carrie Ryan. YA/Zombies. Another re-buy of a book previously owned in print, because I want to get caught up on her zombie books, too.
  • Writing Out the Notes, by Bob Hallett. Another memoir. Because as long as I’m reading stuff by Great Big Sea musicians, I really ought to finally read this too! I’ve got a print copy, but it’s available in ebook as well.

Pre-ordered electronically from Barnes and Noble:

  • Unbound, by Jim C. Hines. Urban fantasy. Book 3 of his Magic Ex Libris series, which I went ahead and pre-ordered on general Supporting Mr. Hines principles, particularly since he recently drew the ire of GamerGate.

127 for the year. And I’m counting the Hines as this year even though it doesn’t drop till January, because I’m paying for it now.

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