Doctor Who reaction post: End-of-season Dark Water spoilers

So even though the household has more or less bailed on giving a damn about watching Doctor Who, I have nonetheless been keeping an eye on the progression of the show via the recap posts that get posted to The Mary Sue and to (Notably, this recap post and this one.

Accordingly, I am now aware of the major spoiler that got dropped in part 1 of the season finale this past Saturday! Discussion of same behind the fold. And this IS a major spoiler, so DO NOT LOOK if you don’t want to be spoiled.

To wit: Missy is the Master.

I’m torn between being a little surprised that Moffat actually went there, and all the implications it has about the future of the show in general. I.e., this confirms on camera that Time Lords can in fact change gender. It lays down the precedent for the Doctor being female in a future incarnation. That? That’s… pretty awesome, actually.

On the other hand, I know Moffat’s history with writing female characters. And I’ve been looking at the comments on the recap posts, and seeing some disgruntlement about how it’s apparently now okay for the Doctor and the Master to snog now that she’s actually female. AND some disgruntlement about how this pretty much plays right into Moffat’s stereotypes about villainous females. AND some disgruntlement about this continuation of the show’s pattern of uninvited snogging, and how it wasn’t cool when the Doctor was the initiator, and it’s not cool here either.

On the third hand, the archetype Moffat pretty much almost always deploys for villainous females does pretty much play right into what’s established about the Master, soooooo…

From what I’ve seen in the recaps the show’s definitely taken a turn for the dark, which was as promised when the season started. I’m dubious about whether I want to catch up. It doesn’t sound like the character arc for Clara being told here is something I’d enjoy watching.

Yet I’m very intrigued by the Master pulling a gender swap. Intrigued enough that I will continue to keep an eye on things.

Who’s still watching? If you’re still tuning in, how are the episodes playing for you?

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