Post-Norwescon book roundup

And now, since I picked up several books at the convention last weekend and a couple since, here’s the latest book roundup!

Bought in print from Norwescon:

  • Fuzzy Nation, by John Scalzi. SF. This is Scalzi’s reboot of H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy, finally out in mass market paperback, so I picked it up.
  • The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, by assorted authors, edited by Patricia Bray. Anthology, bought on the strength of Joshua Palmatier being in it, and on the title. Because that’s a hell of a title!
  • The Singers of Nevya, by Louise Marley. This is an omnibus edition of the series of the same name, including Sing the Light, Sing the Warmth, and Receive the Gift. I had copies of these ages ago and wanted to read them again.
  • Leaves of Flame, by Benjamin Tate. Which I’d already had in ebook form, but I bought it again in paperback on general principle!

Also gotten from Norwescon, but in the freebie bag rather than as a purchase:

  • Touched by an Alien, by Gini Koch. I’d call this a paranormal romance, except it’s more like an SF romance, and instead of supernatural beings, we have aliens! It’s still definitely got mostly paranormal romance sensibility, though; partway through reading it as of this writing. I’d already gotten the ebook, so it amuses me to have a print copy too.

Speaking of ebooks, picked up from B&N today:

  • Once Upon a Winter’s Eve, by Tessa Dare. Romance. This is actually book 1.5 in one of Tessa Dare’s series, and it’s a novella, snarfed off of for the low, low price of 87 cents plus tax. Grabbed it because I saw SB Sarah tweeting bits of Dare’s prose, thought she had a nice turn of phrase, and thought I’d give this novella a look. Plus, what with my current interest in French Canadian music, a guy speaking Breton–the language of the Celts that live in France–seemed like an excellent blend of two different swoonable tastes that taste great together.

48 for the year.

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