Book roundup because I haven’t done one in a bit

Picked up for my Nook by way of Pottermore:

  • All seven of the Harry Potter books, and yeah I don’t think I need to tell any of you who wrote those. Now this means I can actually read Book 7 on my Nook and won’t have to worry about a big ol’ hardback being difficult to carry around! The interesting thing here was buying the books directly from Pottermore, yet the experience was very seamless–I was able to click a button and have the books shunted over into my Nook library right on Clearly a lot of behind the scenes tech work was done here. Well done, dev and QA teams responsible for making that work well!

Also picked up recently from

  • Dead Politician Society, by Robin Spano. This is a mystery, and was a Free Fridays offering. Moderately well-reviewed on Goodreads, so I went ahead and yoinked it down.
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke. Bought because it was so well received in general, because it was pretty nicely priced, and because was running a promotion wherein if you buy a couple of books off a specific list, you got a $5 gift card, woo.
  • Master and Commander, by Patrick O’Brian. Because the Aubrey-Maturin books are finally on the Nook WOO! And because of the aforementioned promotion. 😀

And, yoinked from Carina Press:

  • Gate to Kandrith, by Nicole Luiken. Bought because this slants more towards “fantasy with romantic elements”, rather than “romance in a fantasy setting”, which is Relevant to My Interests!
  • Inheritance of Shadows, by Janis Susan May. Because Gothic mystery FTW!

42 for the year!

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