The Kobo is still shiny ebook roundup post

Latest roundup of books, particularly motivated by trying to get caught up on the releases of several of my fellow Carina authors!

Thus, from Carina Press:

  • The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf, by Tia Nevitt. The second of her fairy tale adaptations, which I had to grab pretty much because of adoring that she’s got a dwarf heroine, and let’s hear it for heroines of atypical body types!
  • Blood of the Pride, by Sheryl Nantus. This one’s urban fantasy. I liked the idea of a cat shifter who’s unable to shift being the protagonist, and this is also me supporting the SF/F side of Carina’s catalogue!
  • Golden Triangle, by David Bridger. See previous comment re: supporting Carina’s urban fantasy. This is the second of Mr. Bridger’s books.
  • Journey of Awakening, by Shawna Thomas. This is the second book from Ms. Thomas I’ve picked up from Carina, and this one’s more fantasy than her other one. I’ll want to get caught up soon on her too.

From Kobo & Third Place, for the new reader:

  • Sweet Deception, by Heather Snow. Historical romance. I read book 1 of her series not terribly long ago, rather liked it, and am picking up book 2.
  • Mark of the Lion, Stalking Ivory, and The Serpent’s Daughter, by Suzanne Arruda. These are all re-buys, and are the first three books of the historical mystery series featuring Jade del Cameron.
  • The Man in the Queue, by Josephine Tey. Mystery. First of her Inspector Alan Grant series. Grabbed because the fifth of these, The Daughter of Time, was recently highly spoken of on
  • The Spiral Hunt, by Margaret Ronald. Urban fantasy. Grabbed because I’d seen this spoken well of on Whatever, because it’s urban fantasy with scent-based magic, and because Kobo currently has it listed for .99.
  • Still Life With Murder, by P.B. Ryan. This was a recommendation, in the realm of historical mystery, and Kobo has this one for .99 right now too.
  • The Hanover Square Affair, by Ashley Gardner. Another recommendation of the historical mystery variety. And, again, .99 right now on Kobo!

In print, from Third Place:

  • The Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey. Book 5 of the aforementioned Alan Grant series. Bought in print specifically because of being happy with Third Place’s customer service, and also because of the aforementioned positive review on
  • Blackveil, by Kristen Britain. Fantasy. Book 4 of her series about the Green Riders, picking up at last because my previous copies of books in these series were all in mass market paperback and the book’s finally out in that form.

Last but not last, from B&N for the Nook:

  • If I Fall, by Kate Noble. Historical romance. Book 4 of her Blue Raven series.

26 now for the year.

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