Yep, you guessed it, yet more books for Anna

Just to follow up on my AmazonWin post, I wanted to officially note my purchase of the print edition of userinfoklages‘s The Green Glass Sea here. Since, as mentioned, my ebook version was completely in italics and tough to read, so I got the print version instead!

Along with that, with a hat tip to userinfommegaera, I also purchased a print copy of Cordelia’s Honor, the omnibus paperback that contains both Shards of Honor and Barrayar. This is because a) I really ought to read me some Lois McMaster Bujold, b) userinfosolarbird has Barrayar but not Shards of Honor, and c) there are ebook versions of both of these books available but I frankly don’t like the cover art, so hey.

(Yes, folks, cover art is still a selling point even if your book is electronic. In case you were wondering.)

Meanwhile, I’ve also picked up two more ebooks from Barnes and Noble: Well of Sorrows by Benjamin Tate (who, don’t look now, is also known as userinfojpsorrow shhh), which I’d read in ARC form but which I definitely wanted to purchase by way of support. Review post is forthcoming!

And, also, J.A. Pitts’ Black Blade Blues, which I had to buy pretty much on principle because it’s yet another urban fantasy set in Seattle–but this time, it’s got a lesbian heroine who’s a blacksmith. Dude. I am THERE. Dyke urban fantasy heroines FTW!

This, my friends, brings me up to 142 for the year.

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