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WordPress geekery (and also books) for the win

I’ve been playing around with WordPress 3 for the last few days, as y’all might have guessed from a previous post. I am pleased to report that with some help from the folks on the support forums, I’ve successfully set up a mini-network of blogs all based off of More importantly, I’ve learned how to redirect domains to them. So once I figure out how to pull all the extra data in plugin tables from, I’ll be adding that blog to my network of blogs all running off the same install of WordPress 3. Yay!

If anyone is interested in how I did it, I’ll do a separate post detailing the steps.

Meanwhile, because I wouldn’t be me without periodic updates of Books Recently Purchased, here’s the latest roundup, all electronic:

  • The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog, one of the Amelia Peabodies by Elizabeth Peters, #7 to be precise. Bought because B&N had it at the low price of $1.99, and because I couldn’t resist–this is the one where Emerson gets amnesia. 😉
  • Moving Target, by Elizabeth Lowell. Romantic suspense/mystery. Re-purchase of a book previously owned in print.
  • Darkness and the Devil Behind Me, by Persia Walker. I’d actually previously acquired a free PDF of this, which I still have, but in the interests of Nook compability and because B&N’s selling it for only $1.99, I figured what the hell, I’d go ahead and buy it.
  • Nightkeepers, by Jessica Andersen. Paranormal romance. Another re-purchase of a book previously owned in print, given up in print only for the sake of making more space on my shelves. I’ll be re-buying her Book 3 as well as buying Book 2 for the first time, since Book 2 was the one I’d won as an ARC and I still need to buy a copy of it for real!

And that makes 170. I have a whole LOT of things on the To Buy list for the Nook, although most of them are re-buys of things I’ve traded in print copies of, and quite a few are things I still actually do have print copies of. The latter therefore do not count as part of the To Read list. I just want ’em electronically too.

Meanwhile, still left to do on the great WordPress 3 upgrade: figure out if I can adapt Tarski as a theme to support shiny new WordPress 3 menus. I’d like to have a proper menu bar.

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