Somewhat delayed book roundup post



First book acquisition post of 2016! A bit delayed, since these books have been acquired over the course of the last several weeks. Purchased in print via Amazon CreateSpace:

  • First Daughter, by Caitlin Clare Diehl. Fantasy. Got this because she’s another member of NIWA and I liked the sound of her plot blurb. Also because I was curious to see a book that’s a direct product of CreateSpace!

Purchased digitally from Amazon (for values of ‘purchased’ meaning ‘I got it for free, actually’):

  • The Legend of Yan-Kan Mar, by Holly Jones. SF. Grabbed this because Holly is a relation of mine and I wanted to support a family member with getting the word out about her work. That she was celebrating the release by handing the book out for free didn’t suck, either!

Purchased digitally from Kobo:

  • Unbound and Revisionary, by Jim C. Hines. Urban fantasy. Books 3 and 4 of his Magic Ex Libris series. Gotten since Book 4 just dropped and I need to get caught up on these!
  • Winterwood, by Jacey Bedford. Book 1 of the Rowankind series. Historical fantasy, in the Napoleonic era. Grabbed this because I really liked the sound of the plot pitch when I saw this getting talked up on, because the cover is gorgeous, and because the words “cross-dressing privateer captain” had me ON FREGGIN’ BOARD.
  • The Witch Who Came in From the Cold and Tremontaine, both of which are ebook serials from Serial Box. I’ve been seeing these folks get talked up on lately, as they issue stories in serial form in both audio and ebook forms, and I really liked the idea of a spy adventure in 70’s Prague featuring witches. Likewise, the Tremontaine serial is set in the same universe as Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint novels and I am on board with revisiting that setting, absolutely. So I grabbed the first episode of both of these stories to see if I’ll want to read the rest of them.

7 total for the year so far.

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