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Kickstarter update!

I am delighted to report that as of last night, Dara handed me what we think will be the final version of the video for my Kickstarter project. We’re waiting on one last bit of feedback to see if Dara needs to tweak the text captions–but other than that, people, I’m about ready to have the nice folks at Kickstarter approve this thing. Once they do, I CAN GO LIVE.

I’ve lined up a bunch of lower-tier rewards geared around the ebook and print copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, as well as the postcard and poster reproductions of Kiri Moth’s art. At the top of the lower tier of rewards, we’re talking an extra novella as well–this’ll be the as of yet untitled story of Elizabeth Breckenridge, my psychic, who must help Ross Taggart solve the murder of his Warder sister. I’ll be offering this as a reward since it’s already partly written, and I am confident I’ll be able to finish it up to offer for all y’all who might be thinking of supporting at high enough levels!

Limited upper tier rewards will feature the original preliminary sketches of the artwork of both books, as well as the pencil-and-ink original of the final artwork for both books. AND, I will be offering one of my two print copies of the Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood, signed by me of course, at this level as well. Everybody who throws in for any of this level of reward will also get everything up to the $100 level–i.e., both books, as well as the postcard, poster, and digital versions of the art.

And the highest-tier, crazytalk level rewards will involve things like getting your name on the Dedication page, or having a character named after you in the third book of the Faerie Blood trilogy, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can commission a Warder universe novella with a character named after you.

So yeah, we’re getting REAL close, so watch this space for events as they happen! And speaking of getting close, we’re ALSO closing in on the final cover art for Faerie Blood. Check it out, this is the last round of art that Kiri sent me!

Music By the Willow

Music By the Willow

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