A Boosting-the-Signal-y ebook roundup



And now, in the spirit of recent Boosting the Signal posts, behold, some Boosting the Signal books I have acquired!

Picked up from Amazon since its official release date is tomorrow (so it showed up in my account at 9pm tonight as I write this):

Picked up from Kobo, and might I note that I am grateful that the book is in fact available on Kobo:

Last but not least, sent to me by the author for an upcoming Boosting the Signal post:

  • Stormsinger, Stormshadow, and Stormseer, by Stephanie A. Cain. The author emailed me out of the blue asking if she could submit to Boosting the Signal–and as it happened, I’d already seen her post about Stormseer on Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit column. And since I thought the book sounded rather awesome and I VERY much liked her cover (as y’all might guess, given Faanshi and all), I was delighted to receive this email. Not to mention the books, which the author was kind enough to send me!

50 for the year.

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