Book hiatus, with caveats

So I’m continuing with the projected book buying hiatus this month, and will possibly carry it on through the summer–however, I am reserving the right to still buy the most important, critical, vital books that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT, those which I wish to buy on their release dates so’s to properly support their authors. And in some cases, books I must read IMMEDIATELY just because I have to know what happens in them RIGHT NOW.

These books are:

  • Deadline, by Mira Grant (userinfoseanan_mcguire), projected end of May release
  • Desdaemona, by Ben Macallan (userinfodesperance), also projected end of May release
  • Ghost Story, by userinfojimbutcher, end of July
  • Downpour, by userinfokatatomic, early August
  • Wayfinder, by userinfomizkit, September

That’s five projected vital books across an entire summer, which by my standards is still a veritable famine of book purchasing. I think this still counts!

However, if anybody out there thinks there are other vital books that I MUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE lest the entirety of the publishing industry collapse and a whole swath of imaginary characters look at me with piteous eyes, tell me in the comments. I will accept bribes. Especially if they involve pretty pictures of Alan Doyle.

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