I have a Doctor Who THEORY

And I blame this on sleep deprivation after being up until 2:30am with last night’s release for work, but nonetheless, here you go, peeps!

Massive, MASSIVE spoilers for seasons 5 and 6 lie beyond the fold. Do not clickie if you are not caught up on Matt Smith’s Doctor episodes!

My theory is this:

River Song is Amy and Rory’s Schroedinger’s baby.

AND she’s the one who shoots the Doctor in this season’s opener.

Which is why she is in PRISON!

I had been suspecting she’s in fact fated to shoot the Doctor ever since she was reluctant to answer his question about who she killed. And the Schroedinger’s baby thing, if she were in fact conceived in the TARDIS, might tie in to River’s obvious comfort with time travel, not to mention seeming to know the TARDIS controls in some ways better than the Doctor does!

I will now accept arguments for and against. As well as more tea. Because zzzzzzz.

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