Last call and upping the stakes for my contest!

Okay folks, we’re down to the wire here. Safe Upon the Shore drops on Tuesday! So I’ll be announcing the winner of my Safe Upon the Shore of Faerie contest on Tuesday evening.

And I STILL have only two entries! This is just silly, you guys, so I really need some more people in on this action. So I’m going to up the stakes! In addition to accepting entries as per my original rules, I’ll ALSO add anybody to the drawing if I see evidence that you’ve done one of the following:

  • Tweeted about it (including any RT’s of my own tweets)
  • Posted to Facebook
  • Posted to your own blogs and journals
  • Posted anywhere else you see fit

For bonus goodness, if any efforts of yours actually bring me a new entry to the contest, I’ll note you as entered in the random draw TWICE.

Additionally, I will add one $25 gift certificate to the book vendor of your choice if the original prizes (i.e., a copy of the album or a copy of either of my Drollerie-published works) don’t work for you. This makes the final prize list as follows:

  • Gift certificate
  • Tasty shiny new Great Big Sea musics (and I still heartily, heartily encourage you all to get a copy of this album even if you don’t get it from me; Kendis would TOTALLY be buying this album)
  • Words written by me, either in Faerie Blood or Defiance! And if you choose the latter, you also get tasty words by Laura Anne Gilman or Joely Sue Burkhart!

So spread the word, you all! Get me some new folks in here and new names for the draw! You have 48 hours!

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