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The Safe Upon the Shore of Faerie contest!

Y’all know what banishes the sting of two rejection letters in one week? A CONTEST, that’s what!

If you’ve hung around my other blog or its LJ or Dreamwidth mirrors for more than five minutes, you’ll have figured out fast that I’m a raving fangirl for Great Big Sea, a high-energy Celtic/folk band out of Newfoundland. I love these guys with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. I particularly love them right now, because on July 13th, they’re going to put out a brand new album.

And this is where you guys come in! When they announced the album’s release date, they also released a shot of the cover art. The very first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was “gosh, that looks like the cover of a novel, I wonder what the story of those two people is!” And I want all of you to tell me!

You can see the cover art right here, since the album’s available for preorder on Amazon. Go take a look. Then come back and give me one of the following:

  1. A hypothetical title for the novel this scene might come from
  2. A caption describing the scene
  3. A drabble-length description of the scene (that’s 100 words, for those of you not familiar with fanfic terminology)

Bonus points will be awarded for clever humor, use of any element of the Faerie Blood universe, or anything referenced in the titles or lyrics of Great Big Sea songs. Extra bonus points will be given for use of more than one of these!

The winner of the contest will receive either a copy of the album, a copy of Faerie Blood, or a copy of Defiance, their choice!

If the winner chooses the album, I will either buy them a copy directly off of, or else send a gift certificate to the vendor of their choice from which they may purchase it themselves. If the winner chooses a physical CD, I will require a snailmail address to which to send it.

If the winner chooses either of my books, I will provide an electronic copy of same in the format of their choice.

Here are the official rules and other important things you need to know:

  1. I will accept entries up until the album’s release date, July 13th.
  2. Please submit entries on the original post, NOT on the LJ or DW mirror posts. This is so I can track all the entries in one place!
  3. Please enter only once.
  4. I am the final judge for who gets to win!
  5. Please keep the entries worksafe.
  6. This contest is not in any way officially connected to, although I did contact them about it and received the blessing of their site admins. I am running this contest purely as an exercise of my fandom for the band, and will be buying the winner’s copy of the album at my own expense. 🙂
  7. If you’re already a GBS fan and you plan to buy a copy of the album anyway, don’t let this stop you from participating! Albums make excellent gifts.
  8. Ditto for if you already own either or both of my books!

(And oh yeah: if you haven’t heard GBS before, or if you want a taste of the new album to help you decide whether you want it, scamper up to and look for their streaming player. Three songs from the album are currently available there. The title track, “Safe Upon the Shore”, is my current favorite; it’s full of tasty, tasty harmony! Go check it out.)

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