Safe Upon the Shore of Faerie contest results!

Right then, sorry about not posting this yesterday, y’all, but this is what I get for being smacked upside the head with a 36-or-so-hour bug. I spent most of yesterday sleeping!

But now it’s time to announce the winner of my little Safe Upon the Shore of Faerie contest! Since I had only three entries, but since all three entrants offered more than just one of the options I suggested of title, caption, and drabble, I’m actually going to offer one main prize and two backup prizes!

GutterBall, because of the line about “I have feet” and the line about the Kraken, you get the main prize of your choice: a) a copy of the shiny shiny Safe Upon the Shore goodness, from the music vendor of your choice; b) a $25 gift certificate from the book vendor of your choice; or c) a copy of either Faerie Blood or Defiance, your choice! (You can have them both, if you like, even.) Please to email me your choice!

Jess and Sticckler: because you guys also jumped in, and because I liked your entries too, I want to give you each a little something as well so I will offer you both a $10 gift certificate from the Drollerie Press bookstore OR any other book vendor of your choice! Again, please email me your request.

Thanks all for entering!

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